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Web Traffic and How to Get Your Share.

Mar 12, 2008
The one thing Website owners are looking for is Traffic, but there are many types of Traffic. The one thing to avoid is concentrating so much on getting traffic that you forget to analyze the quality of the traffic. There is definitely a wrong type of traffic which will only waste your bandwidth.

There are many aims of advertising. Advertising may be geared towards building a list, selling a product, or even just to brand the website. Always track your traffic to make sure that your objectives are being achieved

It's always important to be able to see the difference between the alternative traffic sources. Pay Per Click ads are invariably cheaper to buy when placed on a Content Network as opposed to a Search Network. This is because your ads on the Search Network are directly triggered by someone typing in a search term so can be viewed a more targeted.

In general it's considered that most people who click on content network ads tend to be researching their intended product and in the main are looking for free information. It's been proven that on the other hand searchers who type in (especially long tail) specific keywords are further down the buying funnel and are more likely to click the buy now button. Inevitably this means that to advertise in the Search Network is more expensive but often more effective.

Unfortunately, paying for advertising can eat into profits. In some cases campaigns that are generating a good volume of sales can be rendered unprofitable due to the costs of advertising. However, organic traffic, which comes from unpaid listing on search engines, is free and targeted. The difficulty arises in generating sufficient volumes of traffic. To do this requires being on the front pages of the major search engines for popular terms. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of trying to rank highly for competitive keywords. Unfortunately, many SEO techniques take considerable time to put into place and to affect search engine rankings.

Its very hard to rank highly for more generic keywords especially in popular niches where competition is fierce so aim for long tail keywords or "low hanging fruit". There are lots of good keyword tools to help you find these and they are much easier to rank for so if you can build a significant list of these and optimize your pages accordingly you will get ranked and also get significant traffic from these.

Other good forms of generating free targeted traffic include article marketing, email marketing and utilizing joint venture partnerships. The main thing is to avoid traffic generation strategies that cost money, but don't result in conversions.
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