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Product Creation And Application Concentration

Mar 12, 2008
When it comes to product creation there is one word I'd like to concentrate on in this article - application.

Many products can be made useful in a new product line through the use of unique application.

Let's take for instance a famous, yet unspecified germ fighting product. Originally this product was used as a liquid that was helpful in cleaning and sanitizing floors and other industrial spaces.

Through the use of application this product also became widely accepted as a sanitizing spray as the cleansing properties were applied to an aerosol.

In time, this product was applied to disposable wipes. This new advent to the product allowed the original use of a cleansing property to be combined with a disinfecting property and then applied to a new application technique.

Today teachers use this product to clean desks, grocery stores make them available to customers who want to ensure a clean shopping cart handle and moms use these in the house for quick cleanup after cooking or in the bathroom and laundry room.

There is much to be said for diversification in application. Many individuals involved in product creation are doing so as they learn to take existing products and apply them in new ways. The end result may often be a time saving device or remedy for various problems consumers might face.

You may be able to develop a product that has never been seen before, but Thomas A. Edison is a great example of someone who understood the value of simply being observant and following an existing product down a new road.

Often the designer of a product did not think to apply that product in every conceivable way. You may see the product in a whole new light. In fact, the product you may be dealing with could be a product that may not seem as commercially viable as it once was. Yet, as we've seen with so many products a new twist in application can extend the life of a product and entice new consumers to the party.

Steel tubing is a product that can be sold as is, but when you apply it to ancillary products you might find it useful in playground equipment, certain plumbing applications and even furniture.

Paper is a simplified product that has so many applications I couldn't begin to name them all.

Sawdust has been reapplied and made into pressed boards that are useful in hundreds if not thousands of pre manufactured furniture items for home and office.

It is a rare thing to develop a new product that does not rely on a previously existing product to facilitate creation. The mind has an incredibly intense way of seeing what has never been seen using common products that already exist.

Don't allow your product creation efforts to focus only on something that is completely different. Learn from the success of existing products or materials and imagine how to combine those positives into something creatively unique.

This process is sort of like the first time peanut butter and chocolate were mixed together. It was a simple combination, but a highly successful business was developed because they applied these two products in an altogether new way.

How's your application process?
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