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Simple Steps Towards Increased Productivity

Mar 12, 2008
Increased productivity is a concept that all businesses are very familiar with. In fact, this is one goal that all businesses want to achieve. What company would not want to enjoy increased productivity in the first place? But because the concept is quite abstract, depending on the different needs, goals, and objectives of each company, then this particular goal can be a bit hard to grasp and realize. Fortunately, there are actually a few steps different businesses and industries can undertake towards the goal of increased productivity.

The first realistic step is to have a plan. Plans come in both long-range and short-range forms, and it helps to have both types strongly implemented in your system. Let us take the plans of the short-range type first. Imagine having to make a call to a certain supplier because you need to order supplies for production. It would actually help to formulate a plan on what you are going to say to your supplier beforehand. This way, you would be saving precious minutes when making your order. What's more, you can be sure to mention all of your orders. A planned call would certainly save a few minutes. Imagine how many minutes you would save with all of the calls you'd make in the business world.

The second realistic step is to limit interruptions in a work day. You have to be proactive about this. Let us say that you are at the height of your work day, and you are handling a lot of business matters on your hands already. Surely you must have been gaining momentum to reach such a state of affairs. And when someone interrupts you for assistance, well, of course you would help out your colleague right? But this would be quite detrimental on your momentum. And when your colleagues keep interrupting you every now and then, this would actually be something you would not welcome at all. Thus, it would be better to develop a schedule for such interruptions, so that you would not have to deal with incessant interruptions after a few minutes or so.

The third realistic step is focus. In the business world today, you just cannot do away with multitasking. There would definitely be times when you would have to engage in multitasking. But then again, when you deal with two or three specific tasks, as much as you would want to believe that you are giving all of these tasks sufficient focus and concentration, you actually are not giving that at all. What happens here is that your attention would be divided amongst these three tasks, and you would not be giving your hundred percent to all of these tasks, the way you would if you were handling them one at a time. Thus, as much as possible, it would be so much better to focus on tasks one at a time. There would then come a need to develop some sort of schedule that would allow you to do just that.

With all of these tips in mind, you would definitely noticed increased productivity in the workplace. And this is the ultimate goal businesses strive to achieve, apart from garnering profit, of course.
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