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The Las Vegas Cash Machine

Mar 12, 2008
Not too long ago I bowled the "High Roller" tournament in Las Vegas at Castaways Hotel & Casino, and it was interesting to say the least.

No, I didn't walk away with the $100k first place prize, but I did get a learning experience I'll never forget.

Speaking of learning experiences.

I'm sure many of you watch the "Discovery Channel" from time to time like I do, ( if you don't you should! Great stuff ) and what I learned about Las Vegas on one of their programs was truly amazing!

Did you know most Las Vegas Hotels are booked year around? Did you know the Venetian Hotel & Casino is the largest hotel in the world consuming over five hundred thousand dollars worth of electricity every day! WOW!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I heard that right.

However, the most interesting fact was: Las Vegas made over 70 BILLION dollars on slot machines last year! Yes, you heard right! SEVENTY BILLION just on slots, not counting any other income stream, such as craps, blackjack, Keno, etc.

Now that's a money machine!

When I was down there I saw people coming in by the bus loads ( literally ) to have their money taken from them for the enjoyment of hitting a few buttons, pulling a handle, rolling the dice, etc. Hoping to "hit it big". As Robin Leech says, "Caviar dreams, and Champaign wishes." Something like that.

Of course the FREE drinks help open up the wallet quite a bit! I'd seen more than a few people drop hundreds of dollars in less than five minutes after a few stiff ones, so the return on investment is huge to say the least.

I work for a living. I can't afford that. Granted I played my share, however I stuck to a budget, and only lost about $25.00 the whole time I was there. Not too bad.

Speaking of money machines...

Over the last six years I've been online, and with the overkill of marketing information being provided. I still see the same old mistakes over, and over again.

Many new to business, and/or Internet Marketing ( and embarrassingly enough, some so called Internet marketing veterans ) treat it just like a Las Vegas slot machine. They put in a little money here, and a little there, and when none of the "can't lose" opportunities pan out, they are on to something else ( i.e. another slot machine ).

So do yourself a favor. Stop the insanity! STOP marketing opportunities!

Yes you heard right.

Market yourself first, then the opportunity. Just watch what the GURU's and Internet Marketing Pro's do. They make a name for themselves, then present to you ( in their good name that you have grown to know, and trust ) products, opportunities, and services that are of considerable value in exchange for your personal information, and money.

They consistently make money 24/7 just like a Las Vegas slot machine! So quit being the gambler, and start being the slot machine.
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