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Affiliate Marketing with Product Recommendations Works Wonders

Mar 13, 2008
I've noticed that it has become a rising trend to mix affiliate marketing and advertising in hopes of making money online. Many people now simply put up "click here" and "buy this" affiliate links, as well as banners and pop ups, and expect people to buy whatever they see.

Wake up and smell the coffee! Chances are you could make a bit of money, but this doesn't even hold a candle to the massive potential earnings you are pretty much throwing away by doing this. Just referring traffic is not what affiliate marketing is all about.

Credibility is an absolute must to be successful with affiliate marketing. You must provide your readers with great information to build trust, then you can recommend products. Without this element of credibility and trust, why should your readers bother to listen to your recommendation, let alone act upon it?

To build credibility, you should first be prepared to give your readers, whether they be visitors to your web site, or subscribers to your mailing list, as much information as possible. Establish yourself as an expert in your field and as someone they can trust.

By recommending products right away, you will undoubtedly sound like a sales person. People want help, they don't want to be sold to. Without giving them any information, you aren't someone they will trust, and nobody wants to just hand over their money to a "stranger".

Once you have gained the reader's trust, then and only then should you start introducing product recommendations. The key here is to always be truthful and honest. Always outline the genuine benefits, and how a product will help them directly, and don't be afraid to outline some of the weaknesses or things you didn't like about product if needed. This will actually make you sound even more honest and trustworthy.

You should always promote products that you truly believe in and that you have personally tried. By recommending a junk product, you could ruin your credibility very fast. The best thing about recommending products you use is that you can later talk about specific aspects, such as a great chapter of an eBook, or an interesting function of a program, and in turn make more product recommendations which will sound totally natural.

Finally, you can take all these strategies and create a highly profitable product review web site, where you can use these genuine recommendations and create reviews that are honest and truthful. If people are searching specifically for reviews, chances are that they are ready to buy, and your genuine review can easily earn you that juicy commission!
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Author Tim Johnson has been successfully affiliate marketing since 2006 in many different niches. To learn how to build profitable mini review web sites that bring in hundreds of dollars a day, read my Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate review and get started today.
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