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Insider Secrets Of Successful Pay Per Click Management

Mar 13, 2008
All that you have heard is true. With pay per click marketing, you can make a lot of money with little effort, in a relatively short time. It can be a great asset to any advertising campaign. However there is a little secret that nobody lets you know. Behind the scenes of every successful pay per click marketing campaign is a sharp mind and a lot of hard work.

It is critical to the success of your campaign that you choose the right search engine. Your obvious choices would be Yahoo Search and Google Adwords, as these are the biggest and best pay-per-click programs. However it is wise to note that there are other search engines out there. Pay Per Click Universe has done research into this and come up with these top 10 pay per click engines.

1. Google

2. Yahoo!

3. ABC Search

4. Search Feed

5. 7 Search


7. Enhance Interactive

8. Findology

9. Microsoft adCenter

10. Ask.com

Smart marketers will be able to utilize all of these programs and will see which ones work best for their business.

A very important part of making a successful campaign is choosing the right keyword. This has be the exact blend of a general keyword to create traffic and a specialized one to target your niche market. Now many search engines do have a database of frequently searched keywords and you can begin your search for keywords here. Be careful in your selection, as these keywords are often too broad and may just bring traffic but no sales to your particular market.

After you have completed your keyword research you will now have to begin thinking about bids. Bear in mind that the highest bidder will get the best position. After all the search engines must make money too. The more money you invest the better the exposure for your ad. It is critical to your success to be positioned among the first 5-10 pages of search results, as searchers will not go beyond this range of pages.

Lastly do not forget the importance of micromanagement. It is critical to your success that you do not forget to do this. You must understand how each of your ads are contributing to your business. Are they pulling? Are they bringing in money and are you getting leads from them? Be ready to tweak and if necessary delete your ads.

It is possible to make a tidy profit with your pay per click marketing. However in order to do this you will need to micro-mange your campaign and do your research carefully. Remember the key to success is being willing to experiment. Do not get frustrated if you do not see the money coming in as soon as you start your account. Bear in mind that "Rome was not built in a day."

Put this knowledge to work for you and see how you can increase your profits. When you make use of a number of pay per click engines you will be able to develop your business. Of course it is hard work initially but you will soon see your hard work pay off.
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