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Employee Time Clock Software

Mar 13, 2008
Even in this day and age of computer technology, some companies are still using old fashioned employee punch clocks with cards and ink cartridges and adjustable punch keys to keep track of employee hourly attendance. You may as well use a rock and a chisel to keep track of weekly work records! Using an employee time clock of this kind is not only archaic, but also adds the extra expense of payroll personnel who would need to collect the time cards,calculate the hours, and use old fashioned means to generate the appropriate paycheck totals.

With the advent of JD Punch Clock software, you never need to worry about the manual compilation of employee hours or multiple employees hired solely just to pay the employees under your supervision. And what about losing these cards as they are stored in a wall rack for all to see and even manipulate?

Compare and see that our software is top of the line technology that guarantees data protection with our 4 redundant servers that are backed up every 30 minutes and are monitored twenty four hours a day. Even in the event of a power failure or other data-endangering crisis possibilities our system will automatically re-route itself keeping all your pertinent data and resource information safe and secure.

JD Punch Clock software is employee time tracking software that is a true 32-bit system written in Windows for Windows. Our time and attendance system can either run on an MS Access or SQL Server Database rather than old database technology, insuring that your payroll information is safe from missed indexes or deleted text files.

JD Punch Clock time and attendance software assures that your company and its employees have the most in modern punch clock software so that you will not have to spend hours installing and upgrading your software.
Time and attendance management has never been easier and more convenient.

With global system updates and twenty four-seven access to your payroll information you can rest assured that your online time clock system is secure and accurate. Another benefit of an automated system is the ability to punch in or out from remote locations not at the workplace. All that is needed is computer access and the appropriate software. If your payroll includes billing different departments, it is simplicity to keep track of what department is responsible for what number of hours payed. Our time management software assures that only the employee punching in and out can report his or her hours worked using a specific PIN number and User Name.

Generate payroll and productivity reports easily and keep track of who is clocked in or out instantly with JD Punch Clock time tracking software and make your company a more organized and efficient workplace. With all the benefits and simplified payroll generation as well as a plethora of invaluable features, how can you afford not to invest in this modestly priced and state of the art time keeping software?

Again Employee Time Clock Software is the way of the future!!
About the Author
Samuel Matthews Sr. is the authority on Human Resource software and is the webmaster for http://www.employeepunchclock.com, with his years of experience helping to develop Time and attendance software as well as some of the most popular time clock software such as JD Punch Clock.
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