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The 4 Things That Must Be On The About Page Of Your Blog

Mar 13, 2008
Think of your "About Page" on your Blog as your "Why" page. This page should answer a few questions that may be in the mind of your readers:

Why am I at this blog?
Why is this blogger qualified to write on this topic?

There are 4 things that your "About Page" must have to answer these questions and earn the visitor as a subscriber. The formula is really very simple. If you can answer each of these questions you should have a captivating "About Page."

What does this blog have to offer?

This is the section of the About Page where you share your vision of why you're writing the blog. What kind of information will your readers find in the blog? Are you reporting industry or company news; do you pass on useful hits and tips for a hobby or business?

This answers the question for your visitors "Why am I at this blog?" The number one reason for Internet usage is still information. If your visitor found you on the search engines, it's helpful if your about page tells visitors right from the beginning whether or not they've found what they were searching for.

Who is this blog written for?

This is where you identify your audience. It's really helpful if you tell your readers such things as this information is most helpful for beginnings or this is for advanced readers on this topic. This is a great opportunity to speak directly to your audience and "draw them into the conversation" so to speak. This further clarifies what the blog has to offer.

For example, if in step you identified your blog as a widget news - this sections further identifies that the news is directed at distributors of widgets and not end users of widgets.

What are the benefits of subscribing to this blog feed or email newsletter?

This is a further elaboration on not only what content will I find in this blog but why should I subscribe and keep reading. This is your opportunity to sell your readers on what is in it for them if they should choose to subscribe to the blog. Define for your readers what the benefits are from reading your life changing blog.

What are the blogger's credentials, qualifying them to write the blog?

THIS is where you write the bio. But please don't write a boring bio! Just write the relevant facts that relate to the first three things on your About Me page. This is where you describe your credentials for writing the blog.

First you should list the accomplishments and formal credentials relevant to the blog topic. This information helps to establish you as an authority or an expert on the topic of your blog. For example you could start out with listing books that you have written on the topic, or awards that you've been given on the topic. You may want to mention relevant organizations that you lead or participate in as well.

Once you've established credibility then you can tell them more about you - where you live, whether or not you have a family, your story, etc. This is where your loyal readers can get to know you better.

A really great About Me page follows these basics. I recommend you go polish your about page. This could be the "sweet spot" that helps you attract more relevant traffic to your blog.
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