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The Home Business Plan

Aug 17, 2007
You've made the decision to start your own business,now its time to begin developing a successful home business plan.

The first step of course, is to decide just what type of business you'd like to operate. Start by pinpointing your hobbies, personal interests and subjects you've always seemed to have a naturally knack for. Perhaps you've always had a love of animals. Considering opening a full-service kennel might be the type of home business plan you need to look into. Maybe you are a stay-at-home mom who absolutely adores children. Creating a home daycare of preschool might be an option. Is mathematics your game? Accountants are needed for all types of financial institutions, including businesses, banks and financing companies. Individuals are also potential customers.

Yet another aspect to consider as part of your home business plan is whether you would like to act as the sole service provider or whether you would prefer to be in the background, as in just managing your home business. Consider whether your business plan is profitable enough to allow for employee compensation and just how many employees you might be able to have on payroll. If you project that you would be in need of a few hands to run your business but don't see an enough profit allowance for paying employees, an option would be to contact local universities and junior colleges to offer a non-paid internship. In turn, the education institution would provide credit to the student for a semester of work.

As long as we're talking about income, consider the fact that a home business plan does not provide health insurance coverage. Can you live without it? Will your company provide enough funds to purchase private insurance? Does your spouse have insurance through his or her job that could cover the family?

Those who are brainstorming a business plan may be deterred by start-up costs. Begin with calculating the exact cost of opening your business. Add in operating costs for the first month as you may struggle financially during your first weeks of work and there will be extra bills that come along with conducting business matters. Consider small business loans from banks, personal loans from family members or contacting investors and sponsors for help.

As you are just beginning your home business plan, having the best of the best is not necessary. Try to cut corners as much as possible.

For instance, if you cannot afford computer set-up and Internet service just yet, check the availability of your library's computer lab to research or e-mail business contacts. If you are in need of furniture for your home business, such as desks and chairs, check out second-hand stores or place an ad in the newspaper asking for donations.

The key to succeeding in your home business plan is to firmly believe that your dream is possible. If you run into a roadblock, simply take another avenue.
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