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Seat Belt Myths, Are You A Believer?

Mar 13, 2008
The Department of Transportation, and police departments in every state in America are really buckling down on the seat belt laws. They have good reason to do this, and wearing a seat belt is more than just a good idea.

Some people still continue to believe that seat belt safety is mostly just hype, and not as important as other issues. Such as raising speed limits or lowering the legal drinking age. Compiled below, are some amusing myths about seat belt safety, and the truth about why they are wrong. If put to the test, these myths really are not that amusing.

"As long as I wear my lap belt, I don't have to wear my shoulder belt". The lap belt prevents your body from leaving your seat in the event of impact. The shoulder belt prevents everything above your waist from being injured by not allowing you to be thrust forward. Most new models of cars, no longer have separate lap and shoulder seat belts, they are one in the same.

"My car has air bags, I don't need my seat belt at all". Air bags are great, if they deploy. Also, if you are not restrained by a seat belt, the air bag could actually kill you if you go flying into it before it is fully inflated.

"If I don't have a seat belt on, I'll be thrown free of the vehicle and saved." If you get thrown from the vehicle, you're more likely to be killed by the trip through the windshield, or by the collision you'll make with the ground 150 feet later, than by the initial collision with another vehicle or any other object.

"My seat belt will keep me trapped in the car if it is in water, or on fire". Seat belts in modern cars, are designed to release easily, you will have no problem getting out of the car. Unless you were knocked unconscious while you bounced around the inside of your car because you did not have your seat belt on.

"If I'm only going to be in the car for a few minutes, there's really no point to going through all the time and trouble of putting on my seat belt". Studies have proven that most car accidents happen within 25 miles of the starting destination. And that over 80 percent of accidents occur at speed of less than 40 miles per hour. If you familiarize yourself with the workings of your seat belt it will not take much time or trouble at all.

"I knew someone who died in a car accident, because they were wearing their seat belt". If a person was killed in a car accident, it was not because they wore their seat belt, it was in spite of wearing their seat belt. The accident was most likely so severe and devastating, that only not being in that car, at that moment would have prevented that fatality.

"Seat belts are useless, uncomfortable, and a waste of time". Seat belts save lives, seat belts are the law, and that is not a myth.
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