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Information On The Plug-in Profits Site Home Business Income Opportunity

Mar 13, 2008
The Plug-In Profits Site (PIPS) is a home business income opportunity that provides its members with a way of promoting six high-paying residual income programs simultaneously from a single promotional webpage. At the time of writing, these programs are: Leisure Audio Books, SFI Marketing Group, Traffic Swarm, Host4Profit, Success University and Empowerism. The Plug-In Profit site was designed by Stone Evans, the self-styled "home biz guy" who is an Internet phenomenon in his own right. Stone Evans is one of the most successful affiliate recruiters for Empowerism, SFI, and Success University.

The Plug-In Profits Site also includes a fully functioning website which comes with a pre-designed format that you can either leave as it is, modify to suit your own requirements, or completely redesign as you please.

PIPS members also get a pre-loaded GetResponse.com auto-responder with an option to upgrade. Upgrading is a popular choice among PIPS members as the upgraded auto-responder comes preloaded with 400 articles written by Stone Evans, with the PIPS member's promotional links embedded. In addition to this, the "Broadcast" feature of the GetResponse responder can be used at any time by members to send their own messages or promote anything else they wish. Many Plug-In Profit Site members use this single feature of the Plug-In Profit Site system to generate extra income.

The Plug-In Profits Site offers many different opportunities for a home business to earn income, although Stone Evans recommends that PIPS members focus on promoting the main sales page because it sells all six programmes at the same time. However, the website that comes with package promotes each of the six affiliate programmes and also various products from some of those programmes. There is no reason why home business owners could not generate extra income by customizing the site so that it carries their own business inventory or income opportunity information as well.

By following that strategy, home business entrepreneurs would earn income from their own personal retail product sales and through commissions from affiliate product sales, as well as residual income when people sign up to the PIPS programme or upgrade their membership of any of the six affiliate programmes. This is what makes s PIPS such an appealing Internet business to its members.

With a low start up cost, solid training program, successful business model and residual income alongside of your regular sales commission, this is a home business income opportunity that comes around once in a lifetime. The Plug-In Profits System is run by an excellent team of people who are focused on helping to share their success with you. They provide the product, training and knowledge that will offer you a life changing business opportunity.

Millions of people all around the globe are looking for the opportunity to generate extra income from a home business, or even to turn their home business into a source of wealth that frees them from ever having to work for a boss again. The problem is that the vast majority lack the skills, training and mind set they need to succeed. The Plug-In Profits Site offers all of these things in one single, easily affordable package. PIPS members get a comprehensive "30-Days to Success" training course and also membership of the Warriors forum as part of the package. Those two resources alone give PIPS home business opportunity members a huge in-built advantage in developing their Internet marketing and business training skills. In addition, SFI and Empowerism offer excellent training courses too. But the vital "mental training" side is also not neglected. PIPS members who sign up to Success University, have a great opportunity to get a daily "dose" of mental success training which is a vital aspect of developing a successful home business on the Internet - or anywhere else for that matter.

With so many people looking for a home business income opportunity you really can't lose, provided you are willing to commit some time, energy and study to the business - basic "stickability" is the key. Setting up a business with six residual income streams will be incentive enough to keep yourself focused. That way, you will find it increasingly easy to build financial wealth through a company that backs you up and aids you in your success. Take a tour of the PIPS site and you will see this opportunity first hand.
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David Hurley writes articles on a variety of subjects. For more information about the PIPS home business income opportunity see: Grasp-The-Nettle.com/pips .
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