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The Return Of The Classified Ad!

Mar 13, 2008
A lot of people who are seeking to promote their network marking business tend to focus on pay-per-click advertising techniques as being the most likely to delivery results. The reasons for this are obvious. Pay-per-click can apparently be worked within a limited budget and has proved to be the powerhouses of some of the most successful and diversified affiliate marketing networks. Thus, conventional start up companies in general and small business entrepreneurs who work from home in particular, tend to gravitate to this form of self-promotion like moths to a fire. Yet just like the moths, many Internet business "newbies" get burned, not because the product they are seeking to promote was flawed or their presentation less than professional, but rather because a large percentage of the people who clicked through immediately left the site or did not respond to the advertisement. Yet every click through costs money and even if the initial rate is not so high, this can quickly mount up and represent a disastrous expense if the advertisement fails to convert a sufficient number of active affiliates to the advertiser's network.

Already, as if in response to a mounting sense of frustration, a new trend is developing which is finding great acceptance with smaller businesses and which is proving for be a money spinner to such an extent that it threatens to leave the tried and tested pay-per-click model in the dust as a marketing tool for home based entrepreneurs. I'm talking about the rise of the humble classified ad. Building an affiliate marketing network via classifieds is back in vogue and the more you look at it, the more sensible this trend seems to be.

A typical classified ad affords marketers just a few words in which to get their message across. That very economy makes them cheap and provides marketers the chance to advertise their network far and wide for relatively little outlay. Done well, a classified campaign will generate a far-reaching interest in the business. While you won't be able to get your classifieds into every online or print publication, you will find that you can start getting out the word about your network by posting in a few free, online publications.

Do your homework and track down some of the higher traffic sites. Then make sure you post your advertisement in accordance with the submission guidelines. You will also want to return to the site and repost on a regular basis to prevent your ad from being buried by newer postings.

Provided that you have written an arresting advertisement which exhorts the response to take immediate action in order to benefit from your offer, and add a tangible and real benefit, the chances are good that you will generate some visits to your site. Turning the visitor into a qualified lead, of course, is up to the quality of your site and the business offer you are making. Don't neglect to place an opt-in form for your newsletter somewhere near the top of the landing page, and include a very strong incentive for the visitor to sign up, for example some free e-books and a mention of how much you would normally charge for a subscription to your newsletter.
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