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Mar 13, 2008
How long have you been looking for the right time clock software for your company's payroll issues?

Well,Employee Time Clock software is exactly what you have been looking for! By simply logging on to a computer from anywhere in the world you will be able to know what employees are clocked in, in what department they are logged in to, their pay rate, and even notations of their performance status.

Our completely networkable computer time clock system system will automatically deduct break or lunch hour minutes from payroll even if your valued employee does not remember to log off for his or her break. This groundbreaking computerized time clock software is run completely on the internet so there is no need to install software on each computer that is used to access company information. Your secure user name and PIN will allow you to check on attendance issues from anywhere that is convenient for you.

Our completely web based system removes the need for desktop workstation accessibility!

A company in need of payroll assistance, whether a handful of employees or hundreds or even thousands, will benefit greatly from the extremely easy to navigate time and attendance software that we offer for an incredibly reasonable price. If its time to upgrade your company's time clock software, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what we offer. Web based time and attendance is ultimately superior for a number of reasons. All that is needed is access to a single on line computer that needs not be equipped with anything other than that single internet access.

The need for web based time clocks for smaller companies is increasingly apparent. In disputes over hours paid, or unpaid hours, between employees and employers clocked-in hours can now be unquestionably documented through an indestructible password and user name system. Not that these problems are common, but isn't it better to be safe than regret an avoidable confrontation with someone who works for you over what time they clocked in-or the possibility that someone else put their card in the punch clock?

There are many more functions that you will appreciate. The ease in which you can access your information with the assurance that it's almost completely tamper-proof, will make you glad you discovered this web time clock product. Without worries about the security of your payroll data, you can make decisions on employee time and attendance performance in the blink of an eye.

As a small business owner, you might ponder whether this is worth the investment. The extremely minimal amount of money that needs to be invested (less than 50 bucks) to download this punch clock software will make your business run more smoothly than it ever has. We can say this because it puts your payroll processes into a well organized format. Our time clock software has many useful and practical features used by major corporations in the world everyday.

Do yourself, your company, and your employees a favor and acquire this time and attendance system today and create a solid foundation for your payroll system!
About the Author
Samuel Matthews Sr. is the authority on Human Resource software and is the webmaster for http://www.employeepunchclock.com, with his years of experience helping to develop Time and attendance software as well as some of the most popular time clock software such as JD Punch Clock.
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