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Mar 13, 2008
Are you just starting your own business, or have an existing business where you will have to keep track of just a few employees? Maybe you run a small restaurant or delivery service that has a lot of turn-around in employees. Are you manually tracking attendance and timekeeping?

Let's face it, sometimes it can be a hassle to accurately record and keep current with the hours your crew has worked and make sure you are not overpaying or underpaying the people that work for you. What every company or small corporation really needs is an accountable time clock system to insure that as an employer, you can be sure that your attendance and timekeeping records cannot be disputed.

As a small business owner, I have definitely had to come to terms in my business history with issues of John or Jane Doe complaining that my manually kept records were not accurate.. At first I introduced a simple time punch clock system that those of us who have been in the workforce for any reasonable amount of time are familiar with. You install a time punch machine on the wall somewhere in your business and a card holding rack next to it where someone in your employ (or yourself,inconveniently) is responsible for the weekly payroll, biweekly payroll, or in some rare cases monthly payroll- changing and updating of said cards.

The point here is, not only do you have to keep track of your current employees, but you also have to keep records of your past employees' time records for inference of the Internal Revenue Service as well as any issues regarding Worker's Compensation or any legal matters arising from timekeeping disputes.

Your company's efficiency and out of pocket costs can change for the better in a single transaction. How many products can offer that? Simply replacing an out of date timekeeping system will immediatly give a more professional and certainly much more secure way to make sure all your payroll data is accurate and safe. If you are using older technologies, or even calculating payroll manually, you will be amazed how much the simple and inexpensive process of acquiring and implementing JD Punch Clock Software will do for your business.

For your peace of mind and the assurance you will be able to offer current, past, and future employee's, you need to get a web based or PC installed timekeeping system! JD Punch Clock software is an extremely reliable package that will help you sleep at night because you will know who, what and where any said employee is working and their pay rate and status at the touch of a fingertip.

Look in to this practical and extremely dependable and versatile (and extremely well thought out) system of on-line care taking software that is as inexpensive as a dinner for two!! JD Punch Clock will give you the security that a mere fifty dollar investment elsewhere simply cannot be matched. Do it today.Try this system and you will absolutely not be disappointed!

The seemingly simple process of keeping track of your time and attendance will become an intrinsic part of your company's daily routine to the point where you will be proud to initiate each employee to your JD Punch Clock Software system.
About the Author
Samuel Matthews Sr. is the authority on Human Resource software and is the webmaster for http://www.employeepunchclock.com, with his years of experience helping to develop Time and attendance software as well as some of the most popular time clock software such as JD Punch Clock.
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