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Used Cantilever Racks

Mar 13, 2008
There are two main requirements that any business has when it comes to storage of any goods within their premises. The first requirement is that they can make maximum use of whatever storage space that they have, and the second is that the storage area is completely safe and that the goods placed in there will remain in the same condition until they are required later on. There is another consideration that businesses need to make, and that is the amount of money that their storage system costs to install and maintain. A custom solution can be expensive; however this may be paid off over time thanks to the greater effectiveness. In a situation where maximum use of space with safe shelving is required, and where cost is a major influence on the decision that is made, buying used cantilever racks from many companies offers the perfect solution.

Used cantilever racks from a top quality supplier offer a number of advantages to your business. You are able to invest in the best quality materials available, and also enjoy a substantial discount on the new price. This means that rather than having to settle for second best in terms of the quality of the equipment that is available within your budget, you can instead enjoy the highest quality product available, at a fraction of the regular price.

Used cantilever racks make excellent use of space, and allow you to pack more into a given space. Rather than requiring pillars at both the front and back of the structure, the cantilever system transfers the weight that is supported on the shelves into vertical force through a single column. This is achieved by either employing a counterweight on a secondary set of shelving at the rear of the unit, or alternatively by mounting the unit against a wall.

While used cantilever racks may seem less stable than conventional units this is simply not the case. Sound structural principals are employed throughout the design and construction of the units to ensure that they stand up well under pressure, and provided the load is reasonably evenly distributed within the shelving system, they will perform well. Their main advantage is in terms of the reduction in the overall floor space required for storing a given volume of material, and this leads to a much more densely packed warehouse area where less space is wasted.

When you buy used cantilever racks from a lesser known company, you usually get all of the same service levels that you would expect from a market leading company that specializes in industrial solutions. From offering you the custom ordering service that will allow you to purchase the exact amount of space you need through to being able to provide installation and advice throughout the lifetime of the product, companies will be able to give you the best possible partnership while also offering you huge savings over the price of new cantilever racks. This cost saving can be invested in other areas of your business as you see fit, allowing you to grow and achieve your main goals elsewhere.
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