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Leadership Education For Children

Mar 13, 2008
When children receive leadership education, they are taught how to think and how to be leaders. They learn to lead at home, in their community, in business, and in government.

I'm guessing this is the type of education you would like for your child. I want my children to be able to think outside the box.

Throughout history, the greatest thinkers and leaders have been taught using a mentors and tutors in their homes.

As their education progresses, they would move on to prep schools and study the classics continuing a mentor approach.

The best leaders were made through the mentoring system. Unfortunately, the leaders most Americans think of are usually trained to be specialists or professionals. They weren't trained for true leadership.

Today's nation is mostly comprised of followers who are blind to the problems in the current system. If the following generation is going to have a hope of overcoming this problem, it's our responsibility to teach them how to be leaders who can make an impact in the world.

Four important keys make up leadership education: Mentoring, classics, and time.

When we say "time," we mean the students need enough time to learn. In order for your child to learn, it's important to have some kind of structure. Older students may need education 5 days a week for 5 hours a day or so.

This allows ample time for your child to study and read. Younger children won't need quite as much time.

Mentors and Classics. We won't separate these two factors of leadership education because learning how to think well is attained through discussion of the classics.

When the student is reading, it is just as essential for the mentor to read it. Ideally, the student and the teacher alike should write down key ideas in a reading journal.

You can start the day off with a math lesson for the first hour, and writing or discussion with a mentor during the last hour. The time in between can be used for free reading, studying, and experimenting.

This learning pattern has existed for centuries, shaping students and equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need for leadership.

Leadership education encourages you to find a mentor your children can read the classics with. Most of us can probably say that we are familiar with history and literature classics, but there are classics that pertain to all subjects.

Even math and science has classics, such as Newton's Principia Mathematics. No, you don't have to start your child on this book, but when it's time for a good classic in mathematics, it's worth trying.

Leadership education will give your child the ability to think clearly and logically. If you are going to be a mentor for your child, make certain that you yourself are a good thinker and learner.
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