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Getting Cheap Ink Cartridges - What Choices Do You Have?

Mar 13, 2008
Along with a PC a printer has also become essential in many homes today. But in order for a printer to function correctly there are two basic requirements that it needs. It needs a power source and it also needs ink cartridges. Unfortunately one of the biggest complaints people make regarding printers is the actual cost of the ink cartridges that they need to buy when they have to replace those that have run out.

The cost of ink cartridges will depend upon the make and model of machine and for more advanced machines you could expect to pay in the region of $40 for just one cartridge. Because of these high costs more and more people are looking for ways to buy them cheaper and so save money. Below we look at the alternatives that people can now use in order to get cheaper ink cartridges.

One of the first options available to you if you want to save money on ink cartridges is to purchase a refill kit. Although the job of refilling ink cartridges is very easy to do if done incorrectly can turn out to be quite messy. You can purchase such kits for yourself or you could in fact use the services of a professional cartridge filler instead.

However in order to get this done by a professional you need to find a company close to where you live who provides such a service. The only other alternative is to send the cartridges away to be refilled. But the problem with this is unless you have a spare cartridge you can not do any printing until the cartridge has been returned.

But if you do not want to deal with this type of hassle then a much easier and cheaper option available to you is to buy third party ink cartridges. These are made by companies other than the original printer equipment maker and are much cheaper to buy, in fact on average you can save between 30 and 90% on the cost of buying those cartridges produced by the manufacturer of your printer.

In fact in recent years there has been a steady increase in the number of people who are choosing to go with third party rather than OEM cartridges. This has seriously cut into the revenue of such companies as HP, Epson and Lexmark. But even though the prices of printers have dramatically fallen in recent years the manufacturers are hoping to make their money through the consumables that you will need once you have purchased their printer.

Although a few years back the ink used in both third party and refill kits was not of the same standard as that found in the brand makes. This situation has now changed and the quality of ink is as good as any you will get in the printer manufacturers ones.

So really the only way to save money when it comes to printing costs is to use one of the options mentioned above. But if you are worried about the quality of the printing that these cheaper alternatives provide, don't be. In fact the quality of the printing is as good as that the manufacturers owner printer ink cartridges will provide you with.
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