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7 Largest Network Marketing Mistakes That Lead to Failure

Mar 13, 2008
Whether you are new to Network Marketing or not, I'm sure you have been exposed to the belief that MLM is somehow different from any other type of business and needs to be approached from another angle.

Let's take a look at the activities the vast majority of network marketers participate in thinking it will bring them success in their downline building efforts. And let's see how these things contribute to lead generation for new prospects.

OK without waiting any longer here are the top 7 MLM lead generation errors...

1-Failure to write out a plan of action 2-Having a belief that any "joe blow" can do this 3-Believing it's as simple as just sharing with others 4-Bugging friends and family is a marketing strategy 5-You need to give away company cds and dvds 6-The idea that every NO is closer to a Yes 7-That the 3 foot rule is really a solid marketing style

If these are the methods you are using to grow and build your prospects list and convert them into customers, I would bet you aren't making more money than you are spending. And you probably have new recruits quitting in the first 3-4 months. Because they can't duplicate them and get results from their new people.

What used to work in mlm is not as effective and what had marginal success before is even less successful now. The huge shift in the way people connect today through the internet with social networks in truly a massive opportunity for network marketers to benefit from.

New methods for meeting and connecting with people are now making it possible for the network marketer to utilize the power of the internet and the social marketing sites to dramatically cut their marketing expenses and even advertise to interested and qualified prospects for free. The out-dated methods still taught by the majority of mlm's will not get you the financial freedom that you are seeking.

I believe it is possible to turn things around in your mlm business right now and get on the path to true success. You can accomplish this without losing any friends or maxing out your credit cards. When you are successful in your network marketing business your friends and family will ask what you are doing and how can they join you.

Have you felt like it was just a huge waste of time and money spending hours and hours calling hundreds or thousands of leads who didn't want what you were selling? Have you placed classified ads, both online and off? Or done pay- per- click or banner ads without the success you expected? Well there is an alternative that can put a smile back on your face.
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