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Beware Of Pitfalls Of Working At Home

Mar 13, 2008
Those are just some of the benefits people expect when they start their own home business, working in their home office with no time clock to punch and no one to answer to except the spouse and kids. Unless you are prepared for the reality of working at home, this dream can quickly become a nightmare.

When you start a home business there is a transitional period through which you will pass that will determine whether or not you can do this. You may have spent years going to work in the morning and coming home at night with all of your job duties outlined for you and certain expectations that had to be met on a daily basis. Suddenly, there is no deadline and no one asking why you were late getting to work. Feel like hitting the snooze button one more time and not only will no one know, they also will not care.

However, there are reasons you decided to start a home business, other than the freedom of working for yourself. You wanted, and probably needed to make money and lying in bed late every day is not going to bring in any cash so you do have to get up and get to work. This transition from working stiff to home business owner can take anywhere from two weeks to a couple of months and if, after six months you are still lounging around and only spending an hour or two working, you are probably getting desperate for money and need to look for another job.

You will need to establish a schedule and stick to it, at least until you know how much is going to be required to earn enough money on which you and your family can survive. Going to work in your pajamas is often one the of the most cited enticements to work at home schemes, but the reality is that even if you will never see another human being while working, how you dress for work will determine the attitude with which you approach your business.

That is not to say a suit and tie is necessary, but getting dressed in casual clothes is more a necessity to facing your work with professionalism. After a few days of wearing you pajamas to work, get up and put on casual work clothes and be conscious of your attitude. You will find yourself more apt to work harder and faster when you view yourself in a more professional light. Those that say they see no difference are just being honest with their own attitudes about their work.

Your level of self-discipline will also determine how long the transition period lasts and making sure you have the understanding as well as the cooperation of family will affect the transition period as well. If they support your decision and your business, it makes it easier to work into a fulltime at home business. If they do not support your plans, then your relationship becomes another pitfall in working at home.
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