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Determine The Best Home Business Idea For You

Mar 13, 2008
How do you determine which is the best home based business idea and which will have the most potential for home-based entrepreneurs in 2008?

Here are some steps to help you evaluate any home business and see if it can actually deliver it's claims for the average person. We are always told that ordinary people can make it in the home business world, so why do 98 % of people fail.

6 critical points to ensure that you are not wasting your time and money, and you join the best home based business idea that sets you up for success, not failure.

Be sure you are looking at the best home based business idea before sinking your valuable time and money into something that is only going to lead you to heartache. You want to be certain it has the qualities to lead to success and is worth your time and money.

1. The Product: The best home based business opportunity can have have either one product or many products but you want to make sure that the company has a unique product or products and that there is a need in the marketplace. You have to look to be certain that this is not just another version of a similar product and will be of value to all consumers. The product should be patented or be patent pending and should be affordable to the masses. You also want to know about the background of the product and if it has medical qualities you may want to know some of the science behind the product. You would also like to use the product even if their was no business opportunity associated with it.

2. Company Stability: There are brand new, ground floor companies and ones with a long history. In both a brand new company and established one's you will want to research the founders of the company as well as see what their vision statement and a mission statement equates to. You want to look at the sales to date and compare that to how long they have been in business.

Take a close look at the management team and be sure that they are successful people with a business background and not just someone who put up some website that will be gone tomorrow. There should be a phone number on the site to a corporate office as well.

3. Marketing System: The best home based business idea will have a solid marketing system either done by the company or the team you join. Look at the ease of how it is done and that it is simple to follow as well as to duplicate. Know if your team helps get qualified people to talk to or if you will be required to learn Internet marketing or if you will have to by leads.

4. Your Marketplace: Your best home based business idea will have room for global expansion. If it is already worldwide or has limited global expansion you may not want to pursue joining the company. The bigger your market is now or could be in the future the more chance for success in a home based business opportunity.

5. Compensation & Incentives: You want to maximize your potential income based on your efforts. Must payout a minimum of 50% of the total Sales. The compensation plan must offer Unlimited Depth and also must have Fast Start Bonuses. The best home based business opportunity will offer it's members other Rewards and Recognition. An absolute must is that you will be able to achieve $10,000 per month true residual income with less than 500 people in your entire organization.

6. The best home based business idea will give back globally what they are taking out. If the company's vision is to make an Impact on the World in a Positive Way.

If the company or business you are looking at meets the above critical criteria the you have selected the a valid and best home based business idea for you. Welcome to the world of home-based entrepreneurs.
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Faye B Roberts is a professional home business researcher based in Alberta Canada. She reviews new top home business ideas. Check out Faye's current Top Pick here: Best Home Business Idea Best Home Based Business opportunity
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