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Time Management and Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Mar 13, 2008
Without the proper time management skills, you can sit at your desk in your home office for hours without getting any work done. To juggle home, career and family, you should take the time to look over your days and create a specific time to do your various errands.

Some people can sit at a computer or desk for hours at a time but others can only do it in short blocks. Regardless of where you fit into this, you should set aside two to three hours of your time, to sit down and work. Even if you can do more than this, you should avoid it because eventually your mind will not concentrate fully on the work that you are supposed to be doing. Take some time away from working so that you can go back later and start with a fresh mind.

When you wake up, take the time to grab a shower and get something to eat. Try to wake yourself up so that you are fully awake and energized and ready to work. Feeling sluggish and bleary eyed can slow down your work progress and it can make your mind wonder off of the work that you should be doing. Feeling tired can cause you to push things aside and procrastinate because you have no energy.

Bad Habits and Time Killers

A great way to waste time is to check your email every other minute. If your business is booming, you may get a lot of emails, but unless they are time sensitive, your emails can usually wait until you can put aside your work and free up some time.

If you need to intercept all emails because you receive emails for the customer service aspect of your home business, you can always try downloadable computer programs that will alert you whenever you have received an email.

This way you will only check when you are certain that there is an email waiting for you. As a plus, many of these applications will show a small window to let you know who the email is from and will provide sufficient information that will let you know if it is an email that can be checked immediately, or if you can wait until later.

Another great time waster is instant messengers. Like email, people will kill time and put aside work to chat with friends and family during what should be their work hours. Funny emails, videos, links and chain letters can wait until you have a free moment for yourself.

Remember that this is your business and when you are playing, you're obviously not working. Even in a home business, time is money and when you waste it, you're getting paid less.
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