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Which Team Building Events Are The Best?

Mar 13, 2008
Team building events can give your team or work group a real boost. Designed to train your team to work together they can be really effective tools in raising the quality of work that your company produce and raising morale in your workplace. It is said that teams that play together stay together and team building events can give you team the option to complete fun tasks together and as a result improve the relationships between team members. The more cynical business boss will also note that the increased levels of motivation that result from these types of events also has a positive effect on the productivity of the staff. So if you are looking to increase morale, the relationship between staff members and build a team mentality then here are a number of team building event suggestions that may help you.

Outdoor teambuilding

Designed to get your team out into the fresh air these events are great options for active groups that want something slightly more physical. That is not to say that they are exclusively active there are a number of outdoor activities that cater for those members of your team that cannot run around or perform strenuous physical tasks. Outdoor teambuilding includes activities such as:


There are many providers of events that offer a wide range of driving based activities. Some of the most favourite examples of this are things like go-karts. These are great fun for people of all abilities and are a great way on introducing a bit of friendly competition into your team. There are also things such as blind driving which is a fantastic event for building communication skills. Once that blindfold goes on it is nearly impossible to gauge how fast you are driving and the person behind the wheel is totally dependent on the advice he or she is given by the other people in the car that are not blindfolded. It can result in some really hilarious results.


Shooting events are wonderful examples of events that you won't be able to try at home. The thrill of shooting a gun will not be lost on any of your staff. It is a great fun event that will also have a healthy amount of competition. This is sure to be a hit with all of your staff members. You can sample things like clay pigeon shooting, laser clay shooting and laser tag quest.


Another branch of the category of shooting archery is another fantastic example of a task that can be enjoyed by everyone. It is non competitive enough not to allow everyone to try their best without some people dominating the event over others. It is also a great event as there are not many people that have tried it before so it would be fun for everyone.

Treasure hunt

A number of training providers offer activities such as a treasure hunt to engage people with all aspects of a team. These types of events encourage the participants to communicate well with one another. They encourage people to take initiative and work together. Success is often dependant on delegating the right tasks to right members of the team and people that participate in these tasks often begin to realise the value of encouragement. They are fantastic examples of how to encourage team building.
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