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Benefits Of Free Phone Numbers

Mar 13, 2008
Free telephone numbers are sold by many telecom companies on the internet. These telecom companies make profit from selling customisable cost free numbers to the business agencies that require cost free lines or lines with incredible call rates for their customers. These numbers help to serve the customers of the company better. Some of the telecom companies on the internet offer outstanding good deals on 0800 numbers that will help the companies get closer to the customer and serve them better. These telecom companies can be accessed easily by a quick Google search. Also, these telecom companies have several specific services for numbers of 0845 type and 0870 type.

Every company will benefit if they have a 0800 free number. These numbers will encourage the customers to call the company to place orders or to give feedback. This will help the companies to increase their sales. These 0800 numbers are sold via the internet, they help the company to grow. The free numbers that are purchased from the telecom company advertises and expands that companies range. Therefore both the parties benefit from this symbiotic relationship as the business of both parties is taken to an ever increasing audience. These cost free numbers most definitely help a company to succeed.

There are customisable numbers that can be bought from the various telecom directories that are easy to remember. With an easy free number, the company will gain almost free advertisement and instantly become popular. This popularity will then be converted into sales with great ease. The more customisable a number is the more costly it will be, but the cost of the number is almost nothing to the publicity that a number gets.

A 0800 number works by diverting the call to a target number. This target number can be a mobile or a landline. You can register this whilst purchasing the 0800 number. There is a monthly rental charge for these but it also includes some amount of free calls. This amount is therefore sufficient for small businesses. A minimum term contract can be taken out for about 6 months. You can also change the target number for absolutely no cost at any point of time. There are options to divert the calls to the 0800 numbers direct to mobile phones. This does not include the extra charges that you might have to pay your mobile or landline service provider for switching between the on and off divert option. For that you have to contact the service provider of your telephone service.

Also with these numbers you can get the CLI (command line interface) service to find out who is calling you. The calls are connected straight away. Most of these services that are available online are prompt. You can order a number and you will have an activated line within minutes. If you are starting a new business then these numbers will help you to give your business that head start that it needs.

This is most definitely an investment and opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss.
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For telephone services, he recommends Telecoms World, one of the UK's leading suppliers of freephone telephone numbers.
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