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"Tap Technology and Make Your Network Marketing Business Grow Fast!"

Mar 13, 2008
Many people see technology as a double-edged knife, as a useful tool or as a destructive weapon. However, we should always look at the brighter side of things and treat that knife as a useful tool that can help fashion other tools to make life easier and better.

The same thing can be said about tapping the potentials of technology to easily grow your network marketing business. Here are some of the numerous ways by which technology can help you grow your business fast:

Voicemail Systems

When you hear the word "voicemail," the first thing that will most likely enter your mind is a brief message that instructs the caller to leave his own message for you. But have you ever thought of utilizing your voicemail system as a powerful sales tool?

If you think that most people will frown at having to listen to long voicemail messages, you better think again. Wouldn't you call up a number and patiently and attentively listen to the recorded message if you knew that you would be benefiting from doing so?

Imagine reading an ad that says: "Call up ,telephone number, and discover how to save up to 60% on any tour package of your choice! Free recorded message 24-7!"

If you do decide to call the said number, you will automatically expect a recording, just like the ad said. Now, if you really want to save money on that dream vacation of yours and if the recorded advertisement is interesting and provides adequate information, then you will surely listen until the end of the message, right?

Furthermore, did you know that according to some experts, the phrase "free recorded message" alone will actually boost the number of callers by up to 300%?

Now, here are some guidelines that you can follow to ensure the successful use of your voicemail system for your network marketing business:

Prepare a stunning sales script for your recorded message.

Practice adequately before you record your message. Make sure you do not sound boring nor should you sound too excited in your recording.

Start your message with a great opening that will surely catch your caller's attention.

Speak clearly and direct to the point. Keep your caller interested.

Make sure that your message provides adequate, clear, and accurate details regarding your offer to your caller.

Inform your caller about the specific steps that he must undertake in order for him to enjoy your offer.

Instruct your caller to leave all the necessary information that you may need.

Toll-Free Numbers

Are you aware of the incredible power of a toll-free number as well as the benefits that it can give your business?

The first and the most evident benefit of getting a toll-free number is the "professional touch" that it can give you and your business or company. Somehow, a toll-free number will give the impression that your business is legitimate and well-established.

Second, a toll-free number can drastically multiply the number of calls that you receive.

Third, a toll-free number can make you and your business more accessible for your prospective clients and customers.

Testimonial Line

An innovative marketing tool, a testimonial line refers to a phone line that prospective clients and customers can call to listen to other people make their own testimonies about working with you and your company.

This method proves the convincing power of positive feedback. As studies show, when someone else talks about your good points, he is most likely to convince others that your products are of the highest quality and your services are excellent and reliable. A testimonial line provides an easier, more modern, and more creative venue where you can let others put your best foot forward.


In this day and age where practically everyone travels in cyberspace, the significant role that a professional website plays in promoting and developing your business is unquestionable.

Make sure to build a specially designed or theme-oriented website. Attract prospective clients and customers to your website and make sure that your site is interesting and informative enough to make them stay and have a complete view of what you have to offer.

You may also use search engine optimization articles to attract better traffic to your site.

Group Messaging

Practically all e-mail providers offer group messaging services. Expand your network by creating e-mail groups and sending group messages to send out information to more people while saving time and energy.

Blogs and Forums

Aside from maintaining your professional website, create and maintain a blog for a more personal touch. You can use this as a venue to interact with your recruits and customers at a more comfortable level.

Be a regular visitor in various forums or chatrooms. Get prospective clients by socializing.

E-zines and E-newsletters

Publish an e-zine or an e-newsletter to establish a bigger list of contacts and to maintain a closer interaction with them. Use your e-publication to update them regarding any new offers in the business.

Truly, in the business of network marketing, the most crucial effort is building groups of contacts and sharing information with them. In short, effective and reliable communication is the key. So, why don't you tap the potentials of technology to the fullest and see your network marketing business grow faster and more easily?
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