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How to Maximize Value from your Networking Time

Mar 13, 2008
Similar with the many networking businesses such as One Step Further, all networking businesses gather entrepreneurs and senior city executives for sharing ideas. Ideas that will prop up the stability of their organization.

One difficult task being done in this kind of business is public speaking; death is another thing and belonging to the top five spot is walking into a room full of complete strangers. In order for you to get many members, you need to talk in front of many people. By explaining the benefits of the company and how it can bring them much success are the usual content of the speech. Though it is indeed to difficult, you need to brave it out to get more people for your network.

For a speaker part in networking business, he intends to win the trust of the people. He wanted that after his discussion, people will ask related questions for clarification. It will bring much joy to a speaker if majority of the people will be sharing their opinions and ideas.

By having many contacts do not mean you are already a winner. Doing follow up to those interested contacts will surely bring your networking business to a boom. This is done by calling them to their contact numbers the very next day after they attended the discussion or after you sent them the reading materials.

These are the 3 things why it is important to do follow up:

1. It will help them remember your business

2. Your contact details will be kept by them, probably if they are not ready yet, they can use that in the future

3. Offer those contacts the chance to subscribe to newsletter of your company to keep them updated

Networking is a challenging part of marketing but with no careful planning, it can be a time-consuming task and not productive. To avoid this situation, the following are the tips on how to maximize your time at networking events.

1. Know what is your goal. Goals for doing networking business must be clear to you. Your primary task is to increase the number of your organization. Establish good relationship with them and help them to have downlines too. It is important that you share with them your skills on how to be in the business.

2. Always prepare yourself. You need to make the first good impression to those hopeful people. Your goal is to be seen and be remembered. What you project will reflect the company's reputation. Be ready to give answers that will surely erase doubts to people.

3. Challenging yourself to reach beyond limits. You should not be contented of what you know about the business. In order to keep up with the trend, try to stretch your know-how. Setting quota for yourself will make this thing successful.

4. Ask help from your host. If you will be joining a networking business, you can seek help from the person who got you to the business. Tell him to introduce you to many people. Meeting people will be a big help to build contacts. Likewise, it is very important that you maintain an open communication with your host in case of problems and updates.

5. Have a time to listen. Listen to what people are saying. Allow them to talk about their concerns about the business. By gathering all these issues, it can help you map the solutions to those problems.

6. Make possible opportunities. If you know that someone is interested to do business, ask him or her to have dinner or coffee or probably have a telephone conversation to talk things further. It will take more time to follow up with them, but it is the real essence of doing networking business.

7. Pay it Forward. Introduce your contacts to other people and assure them that they are in good condition. Help them resolve issues.

8. Ask For Help from your contacts. The great source of knowledge is through your members too. They probably have ideas to contribute that they know better than yourself. Accept them with whole heart.

9. Keep moving. Be energetic enough to circulate your business. No room for stopping is needed because once you stopped, it will mean lagging behind and failure to do business.

10. Review and Follow up. Study the data you have. Make necessary conversation with people in your network who are having problems or take part to their victory of attracting many members.
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