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Use Your Name To Make Big Dollars On The Web

Mar 13, 2008
A very popular way of making money on line at the moment is called Domain Flipping. The average man or woman in the street can buy and sell domain names that they think would have strong commercial appeal.

Sometimes domains can have just the right sound, sometimes they have consistent traffic, and others have great content, products, or both. The key is to find a good name and grab it before someone else does.

What makes a good domain name? The domain name speculator must be very careful to avoid any domain name that could be considered a trademark or infringement of copyright. If they fail exercise caution, they can sometimes find themselves involved in a lawsuit, losing the domain name and possibly a lot of money. Domain names can generally be regarded as saleable if they relate to popular trends or a topical subject.

One of the easiest and best ways to make money with a domain is to generate traffic to a website or parking page. If the domain name has a popular, generic sound to it, the possibility arises that it may generate a lot of type in traffic, as opposed to traffic derived from a search engine.

Type in traffic is where internet users type a common word or phrase directly into their web browser. It is generally assumed that most people use search engines to find what they are searching for, but a recent UCLA study reported 86% of online users actually reach websites through typing in what they are looking for into their browser address bar.

When you take into account all this free traffic, it is easy for a domain investor to sell even a relatively new site within a few days or weeks. A search of domains on eBay or other auction sites will reveal a large list of domains available for purchase, usually at huge multiples of the original cost. Domains that were originally purchased by a savvy investor could conceivably be sold for over $500.00 in three days or less.

A good domain name does not necessarily need to end in the dot com extension anymore either. With the increasing diversity of domain name extensions and the growth in the wireless market, domain name extensions do not appear to be as important as they once were considered.

The key to domain flipping is, of course, speed. If this is an area of making money online that appeals to you, my advice would be to start brainstorming domain names. There is no reason why you could not be the next person to flip a million dollar domain name.
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Sharron Nixon is a 45 year old mother of 3 who lives in New Zealand and has a passion for making money online. Her adventures into domaining are relatively recent, but have already yielded a handsome profit.
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