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The Secret to 100% Rejection Free Network Marketing

Mar 13, 2008
In the beginning, everything seems to be so easy. From the recruitment to the sales process, the group had efficiently explained to you what it takes to succeed in network marketing. In this manner, you were made to believe that everything will flow smoothly as it should be.

Or so you thought. Maybe the group had been just too optimistic with what seemed to too unrealistic for you. Besides, it is your service and your money that they are after so they would do anything to get you on the hook. And now that reality gradually sinks in, you finally realize that sales and marketing is not your cup of tea.

But hey! Don't put a damper on things that instant. If you would ask every person who is now successful in network marketing would tell you that it is exactly the same thing that they have gone through.

Objections and rejections are basically what marketing is all about! If these two are gone, then, I suppose sales wouldn't have that much impact after all.

In the world of network marketing, rejections will tell where you're at. You wouldn't have a greater chance on people who kept on saying yes than with people who kept on saying no.

In the lighter side of things, people who had made it big in network marketing will tell you that rejections and objections are the key principles that will keep you going. It is the challenge that you will have to take.

Furthermore, they contend that rejections and objections are, in reality, pure lame excuses of people who do not have the time to listen to what you are saying or they are people who cannot even help themselves and so cannot help you at any rate.

Consequently, network marketing experts have asserted that these rejections are barriers and not problems that blocks your way towards your client. So, the best thing to do is to get rid of it so that you can get through and reach your client in the most effective manner as possible.

How can you that? First, you have to determine the things that serve as a wall between you and your client.

Network marketing experts say that there are actually six common objections that you will probably encounter on the onset of your network marketing career. Here are the six objections that you may face and what will be the counter-attack you have to make so as to overcome them:

1. No time

In most instances, the very first reason they will throw on you is that they just don't have enough time to talk to you.

To handle an objection, it is a must that you certify the protest. You can express how you empathize with them and that you do understand their situation.

Thereafter, counter attack the objection. You can tell your prospect about things that would appeal to their emotion like their family. You can tell them that if they don't have time for these wonderful opportunity then that means they don't even have time for their family or any important matters.

And finally, when you have caught them on the hook, spread the good news. Tell them how network marketing can provide them the time that they need at the same time earning the income that they want.

2. They don't have the interest.

The next common excuse your client would give you is that they don't have interest in what you are offering. Like what you have done on the first objection, validate, counteract, and appeal to the emotions. You can tell them that if they are not interested with what you are offering to them then it means they are not interested in earning money etc.

3. No money

If that's their answer, then you've got them on the hook. You can tell them that it's exactly the very reason why you are giving them the opportunity to earn more money.

4. They don't believe it because they know somebody who joined network marketing but didn't succeed.

Of course, they would say that just to reject you. But the main focus of handling this type of rejection should be on the area where you will let them feel that your network marketing organization is different. That you have enough training and support techniques so as to help them achieve the success they want.

Most people who would reject you are those who really don't know what to do and are afraid that they will not achieve something because they don't have the means to do so.

5. They don't want sales.

Because of the concept of hard selling, a lot of people feel negative on sales. And so, most people who hear network marketing would immediately shun away from it thinking it's one of those hard selling schemes again.

Handling this kind of rejection is the same thing as what you've done on the other objections. Moreover, let them feel that what they will be doing will not be mostly on sales but on how they help other people's lives at the same time helping themselves too.

6. It's a pyramid scam!

Because of some scams that resembles their marketing scheme to network marketing or MLM; a lot of people tend to think that they are all the same.

In reality, network marketing is actually businesses that operate in a non-conventional way. Whereas, pyramids are fraudulent activities and they are against the law.

In handling this objection, it is best that you tell them the benefits of knowing this program so that they will know how network marketing differs from a pyramid scam.

The bottom line is that people do object because they don't know anything about it. That is why it is a must for every network marketer to inform them the right concept.

If you follow all of these steps on how to follow objections, then, you are on your way to 100% rejection free network marketing.
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