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How to Micro-Manage Your Adwords Campaign

Mar 13, 2008
Advertisements are all around us. They are all filling our ears with the incredible profits that can be made with Adwords, when you use this tool to sell your products. The most amazing thing is the fact that it only takes 2-3 hours per day.

What they fail to tell you is the fact that working just 2-3 hours a day is not the norm. In fact few people can perfect this type of regime. There are just too many things to take care of, especially if you are new to the game. In fact no other promotion requires as much micro-management as an Adwords campaign.

Take a moment to consider this. First you will be doing your keyword research by going to Google's Databases and finding the popular keywords. You will also compile a list of the keywords that are related to your product and special market. You can do this by using the keywords that you would search for when try to find your product. You can then compare these keywords to Google's keywords.

When you have all your keywords put together you will then start to bid on them. Now do not just write an email to Google offering them a certain amount of money in return for using specific keywords in your advertising campaign. This would be an unreal thing to do. Google has a far better system of bidding than this. Google positions ads and obviously the ads at the top will have the greatest exposure. These ads will be the moneymakers for Google, and you.

Adwords is a type of pay per click. Whenever somebody clicks through on your ad you will pay a small fee. You will be paying even if you do not make any sales. Google will make more money when the click through rate is high. The better the bid the higher the ad's position.

When you complete the bidding process and your ad starts running you will need to manage your campaign very carefully. Be aware of the smallest details, including any shifts in popularity for your keywords. If you find any of your popular keywords have suddenly lost their popularity, then you need to replace it quickly. This is because a keyword that is no longer popular will not be drawing any profits.

Let's face it you will not make 100's a day just spending little or no time on your Google campaign. However on the other hand you will become a master at micro-management and multi tasking. When you perfect these skills you stand a good chance of joining the elite few who have made their businesses boom with this type of promotion.

With Google Adwords' tools and tutorials you will become a master of detailed management very quickly. This will enable you to spend less time managing your campaigns and more time finding ways to profit with your business.
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A distinguished ppc leader who offers many years of ppc expertise, Brian Basch has recently begun offering campaign management to select clients. Let him guide your ppc marketing today!
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