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How to Ruin Your Google PageRank

Mar 13, 2008
If you have been working on building your web traffic for any amount of time, you know how much Google pagerank (PR) fits into your plan to get search engine traffic. Maybe you have been working on getting a higher pagerank. But you need to know that certain things you may be tempted to try could ruin your pagerank and prevent you from ever reaching the coveted top results in Google and the other search engines.

One frequent mistake is for new website owners to plaster their sites with all sorts of banners and ads. You have probably seen the ones with so many flashing ads that you have to look away before you start having seizures. When Google sees too many outgoing links on your site they think your site is just a link farm, and you will get penalized.

When you add new pages to your site, you won't necessarily improve your PR unless you link the pages together properly. Everytime you add more content, be sure it links to one of your important pages on your site. If you don't, that new article won't get indexed by Google.

In addition to linking to an important page, that new page has to be linked to from at least one other page on your site. And there are some pages that you should not add to your site at all. If you have a lot of identical pages on your site, Google will consider them to be spam and you will get penalized for it.

As you work on getting backlinks to your site, don't worry too much about getting that link from that huge popular site. You can often benefit more by getting lots of links from smaller sites that have lower pagerank. And these links are easier to get, so you can get more links to your site, which can help you more than that one link from that one popular monster site.

The general consensus on the internet is that the best way to boost your pagerank is to forget about it and concentrate on the quality and content of your site. Make a high quality site that offers value to your customers and other people will naturally want to link to it. If you opt for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service make sure they are reputable and don't participate in the questionable linking schemes taking place.
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