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Three Reasons Why are You Failing Online

Mar 14, 2008
Upset with your online sales? Tired of looking for reasons why you continuously fail with your online business no matter what you do? Then, it is time for you to do some shaking. You have to loosen up in order to realize that in spite of the many efforts that you have tried, there are only three reasons why you are not making any sales online.

If you are not making any sales as you have wished it to be, in spite of the many hocus-pocus techniques you have tried, it is almost certainly down to three reasons only: not enough traffic, wrong type of traffic, no customers just visitors.

What do these three reasons mean? Well, first let me tell you that having a business online is not the same as what you have offline. Even if both involve money or financial matters, they are entirely different from each other.

With online business, you do not need the usual type of marketing strategies being applied by the typical business. What matters most in online business is the kind of traffic your web site should use in order to entice people to visit your website and buy your product.

Do you think it is that simple? Guess again.

There are many ways on how to derive traffic to your website but the probability of succeeding is left to nothing if you have employed the wrong kind.

Therefore, for people who wish to know more why they are failing, or why it is important to employ the right kind of traffic in a web site, here are some pointers that you need to know:

1. If you are not getting adequate traffic in your web site, then it only means one thing: no visitors. And, if you do not have any visitors on your site, then, there would be no sales.

2. If you are targeting for the wrong traffic, the results will be the same. The notion žno visitors means no salesÓ does not necessarily mean that you have to have any kind of visitors in order to have sales. Indeed, sales are derived from your visitors but getting the wrong ones is just the same problem.

Hence, it is important to have the right target market.

3. However, having visitors, even if it is the right target market will not immediately be converted into sales if you do not know how to turn them into customers. There are instances that you may have many visitors but as soon as they have reached your site, they no longer feel the need to buy your product.

So, what do these three problems mean? It means that you are employing the wrong marketing strategies; hence, you are failing online.

The problem with most people who have online business is that they just immediately start their venture without considering the different factors that will contribute to their sales performance.

So, for people who wish to change their status online, here are some tips that can help you through:

1. Convert your visitors into customers.

You can do this by encouraging impulse purchases on your visitors. Create a žbuy nowÓ phenomenon by placing relevant articles on your site, timing it right, make the registration relatively easy, give some discounts or freebies, and create an atmosphere that would tell them what they are missing if they will not buy your product žnow!Ó

It is a simple fact. What you need on your site are customers and just visitors, so it would be better that whoever enters your site would really buy your product.

2. Always go for the major and well-known directories and search engines.

The important thing is people should know your business do exist and that they will benefit a lot form your business. It is just a matter of getting public attention. Even if you have the best product in the world but nobody is aware of it, then, everything will just be put to waste.

3. Create a highly targeted mailing list or opt-in list

These mailing lists will definitely be a big help. Of course, you wouldnŪt want your customers to be one-time buyers only, right? So, that means you have to keep them posted of your business and keep them on the hook. In this way, there will be higher probabilities that they will keep coming back to you, especially if they were satisfied with your product.

Indeed, there are no justifiable reasons to fail online because there are many ways to succeed. You just need a little more education and techniques that will truly help you achieve your targeted sales.
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