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Promote Your Ebook Through Clickbank Squeeze Pages

Mar 14, 2008
With ClickBank, ebook sharing is extremely possible. Affiliates share your ebook with their lists so they can make a sales commission. Too often, when publishers put their ebook on ClickBank, they usually send visitors straight to their sales page. This is a mistake. You should send them to a squeeze page that leads to the sales page.

Squeeze pages are used to collect the name and email address of every visitor. While ClickBank used to have a policy against squeeze pages, they now permit them. Many affiliates, however, express concern that squeeze pages will hurt sales in the long run. In truth, serious buyers are most likely to provide this information; browsers rarely do. Even better, by obtaining contact information, you have a chance to turn some of those browsers into buyers!

Secondly, part of having a big ebook launch is to collect the emails, so that you can have future launches. Finally, a squeeze page gives you a chance to follow-up. The old adage, "the fortune is in the follow-up" is especially true when a visitor does not buy the first time on your sales page. You have to send them emails to say, you noticed they visited your page. Then, you discuss one of the objections people have with the ebook, such as it being too expensive.

So, you really need to collect the first name and the email of everyone that looks at your ebook. This will help build your list with "qualified" visitors. Next, you want the ability to follow-up with those people who didn't buy.

I've tried directing visitors directly to my sales page. Once upon a time, a major partner refused to send clients to my squeeze page, claiming that it would hurt sales. Unfortunately, I didn't know then what I know now, and I reluctantly agreed to take down my squeeze page.

Well, that sales page attracted about 2000 visitors. We sold 200 ebooks, a pretty good record, meaning 10% of the visitors made a purchase. With a squeeze page, I could have collected the email addresses and names of not only the buyers, but the other 1800 visitors as well. A simple and quick email to the nonbuyers could have answered their fundamental objections, increasing our percentage of sales.

So, it is to your benefit to have a squeeze page. You gain a new prospect on your list, as well as the ability to follow up and explain in more depth why your ebook solves their problem.
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