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Freelancing On The Internet For A Decent Income From Home

Mar 14, 2008
In today's world where there is lot of competition, the rising cost of living making it difficult to meet our expenses, doesn't it sound like a wonderful option if we can earn some extra money, and that too sitting in the comfort of our home? But this is now possible, as there are thousands of freelancing opportunities available on the internet. We just need to know where to start and we can earn a lot of online money, working from the comforts of our home. Sir Walter Scott is attributed with the coining of the 'freelancers' in the 19th century. As per him, a freelancer was a knight who was not attached to any particular lord. Perhaps the use of the lance as a weapon in those days may have inspired the term.

Cut to the modern world. A freelancer is known as a person who works from home and does not have to go out for a regular, 9 to 5 job. This person takes up a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer. This independent identity does not have to go out daily and face the bumper to bumper office traffic, can keep his own working hours, and is accountable to almost no one. Much of this has been possible only due to the advent of the Internet, which has opened up many new opportunities for freelancers throughout the world.

As a freelancer, you will have more freedom and choices as you can pick and choose assignments according to your needs and choice. Various payment options are possible, and you may charge by the day or the hour, or on a per-project basis. The flexible payment rates generally means freelancer get paid more by the hour than their permanent counterparts, besides the freedom to choose their work schedule. It is a very good option where to do legitimate work at home, and is even more attractive for those trying to balance a family and a career.

Some of the options available for freelancing on the Internet can be computer programming, writing of articles, editing, journalism, graphics design, engineering and consultation, just to name a few. You can choose the field of your choice, and if you work regularly and hard, you will soon be able to build a substantial online reputation. You may build your own website, though it would be better for you to go through an established website for starters. These sites provide safety nets like escrow accounts, and their guidance on drawing up an agreement that may come in handy in case of dispute.

However there are some problems regarding freelancing, the first of which is that people have their doubts about the legitimacy of working at home. First of all they do not know how to contact a reliable person so that they will not be cheated. They also miss out on certain perks that they get when they are in a regular employment like a regular salary, bonuses, health insurance, paid holidays, pension etc. Overall, however, freelancing is very beneficial for those who want to earn some extra money in their spare time, or even as a full time profession.
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