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Sell your Way to Good Life

Mar 14, 2008
As the old adage goes, Life is like a market where everything comes with a price.

This goes to show that life itself entails some marketing skills in order to succeed in life. In fact, businessmen and sales people state that everything in life is saleable, from thoughts to actions.

For example, just by telling your ideas about a certain thing, you are already selling what you know to the person you are talking to. The question is: Will that person buy your idea?

In reality, many people see sales or selling as an antagonistic and highly competitive world. There is always the concept of win or lose strategy.

It is for this reason, perhaps, that some people like you might even think that you cannot sell and believe on the concept that the salespeople are born not made.

Whats worse, some people even think that selling is not an important tool on a business or in any kind of venture.

These notions of some people are, in reality, not worth trying and contemplating. This is because selling is, indeed, a part of our everyday life and that all the things that surrounds us are continuously evolving and reproducing all because of selling.

So, in order to learn how to sell your way to good life, here are some tips that you need to employ just so you can live a life to the fullest.

1. Be a true marketer or seller

The strategy to selling is to not delve more on one product only. What matters most is to try selling almost everything that has value in it.

Some entrepreneurs assert that in running a business, you do not have to focus on one product. Of course, there is sort of a flagship item, but you do not have to stop on that. Multiple product selling is still an effective strategy in earning more.

2. Take on part-time work lots of it

It is best if you can find some work that will not require 100% of your time. In this way, you can incorporate some selling activities that would provide you with more income.

Usually, there are items that are entirely dependent on a network. The garments and the giveaways, for instance, are a hit only during the Christmas season. Since it is only once in a year that you get to have a bigger income, it is best if you can ge4t hold of the opportunity and make the most out of it.

Best of all, if you have many part-time jobs, there is a higher probability of earning more money than you would have if you are employed in an 8-hour job that usually would take you more than eight hours, so to speak.

3. Become a distributor of a basic need

Some business people assert that when you thought of going into business, having one in an industry that can be considered as something that falls under the category of a basic need is good in the sense that even if you do not sell, you will surely get a 50% profit.

Thus, selling necessities is one way of ensuring yourself of a notable return of investment.

You may start selling things that are considered as basic needs. Like food, medicine is a basic need. From there, you can start from procurement to promotion to picking up the medicines from the main warehouse to distribution up to collection.

There may be many problems that would come your way, but you need to strive hard in order to succeed.

The key point here is that more than intelligence, you need guts. So you should start young because as you grow older your drive wanes. And energy is such an important factor in selling.

4. Sell your specialty

If you love cooking, try to make something profitable out of it. Cook some meals that you can sell to your officemates.

And with the word of mouth, you could expand your business once you have acquired many customers already.

Just remember, in any kind of selling, competitions can be very stiff. Hence, your prices have to be competitive and your food has to be really good.

Number one priority is quality of food and cleanliness, even if people do not see how you work.

5. Pursue your hobby professionally

In this way, you can start on something that you find truly of great interest. This means that you do not only find it gratifying but financially satisfying as well.

All of these things are boiled down to the fact that in order to sell your way to a good life, you just have to remember that selling should never be hard. What you should do is to tap the right side of your brain. No pressure, just fun. That, on its basic sense is the best way to have a good and wealthy life.
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