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A Proven Formula For Change; Success From Cash Leveraging

Mar 14, 2008
Is there any proven formula for success in a work from home opportunity, or is it just dumb luck?

Often the only thing lacking in a quest for success is the failure to change. Change, is defined in Webster's as: to cause to become different; alter; transform; convert or to undergo a variation. Change can also be defined as making or becoming distinctly different, even better yet, a radical transmutation of character. American psychologist and philosopher William James once said: "Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives".

Now with the above in mind, let's take a look at the formula for change; D x V + F > R = S. Well now that looks like a good formula for change, we should all just go out and put it into practice. Oh, almost forgot... those are just letters and you don't even know what they mean. Here's how the formula breaks down. Dissatisfaction times Vision plus First Steps is greater than Resistance equals Success.

Let's look at the simple terminology for each component in the formula:

Our Dissatisfaction - generally our level of satisfaction with the boundaries of our current situation.
Our Vision - the idea or conception of how things could be if change takes place.
The First Steps - the actions needed to enact the desired change.
Our Resistance - defined as the comfort zone that encompasses the current situation we find ourselves in.
Success - the bottom line; defined as a favorable or satisfactory outcome or result that we are trying to achieve.

With the above formula and definition in mind let's look at a fictitious case study and we'll name our case study "Bob". Remember this case study is only mythical and relates to no known person, place or thing. If there is a resemblance to a given situation it is only by pure chance.

Bob, although making a living at his 9 to 5 J.O.B (defined as: Just Over Broke) really has become dissatisfied with his lifestyle. He feels that the walls are closing in and even though he has tried, he just can't seem to get ahead. He has tried home business opportunities galore; MLM, Direct Sales, Lotions Potions and Notions. If it was a work from home opportunity, he's tried it. Most often with zero success and finding himself no better off for all of his efforts. But Bob has a vision. His dissatisfaction with the boundaries he fines himself in is multiplying his vision for success. Incidentally, Bob's vision for success is having extra income to enjoy the time freedom his success will afford him.

Bob was looking for an entirely new opportunity and has found it, Cash Leveraging. Defined as a Cash Gifting program Bob is stepping outside of his comfort zone and thinking outside of his box of resistance. Although Cash Gifting has been around for quite some time it in new to Bob. Bob is taking the first steps to rid himself of his current situation by looking at a work from home opportunity he hasn't tried before. After a very short time in his new work at home Cash Gifting opportunity Bob has achieved the success he has been striving for by using the formula.

Bob has developed a new catch phrase that he has been seen telling everyone he comes in contact with; "If you do today what you did yesterday will you be where you want to be tomorrow"? Bob's story ends happily! He quit his J.O.B., he's spending much more time with his family and friends and his handicap on the golf course has dropped 10 strokes in a very short time. It seems Bob has come upon the proper formula for change.

God Bless and Always Remember To Make It A Great Day!!

Michael J Kohn
New Image Marketing Group, Inc.
About the Author
Michael Kohn is the president of New Image Marketing Group Inc. With a background of over 25 successful years in sales and marketing he brings a modern and easy to follow approach to direct sales and on-line marketing. Please Visit Us At: Masters Income Passive Millions
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