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Why Your Network Marketing Efforts are Failing?

Mar 14, 2008
Network Marketing has been in the business for years, online or offline. Notice those people who often tell you something overwhelming about certain products or services and you get convinced by them or recruited in their team? Yes, that is Network Marketing. It is about referrals, storytelling and sharing of experiences. It is business that capitalizes on ýword-of-mouth.ţ

Simply put, it is just about telling others of the products you have tried and proven to work. Often you share this to people close to you like relatives and friends. Networking has been there, but you do not notice it. And in major industries such as home/family care products, consumer and business services, leisure/educational products, environmental filtration systems, security devices, natural products, vitamins, health aides and personal care products.

Though, people have big doubts on networking if they really work or just another SCAM. Honestly, people see networking as this because they have less or no faith at all to the products or services they are offering. Or they do not believe that the people to whom the product was introduced will benefit on it. As a result, advertising and promoting the product will not be an easy task and your negative vibes of the product will be easily sensed by the people you are targeting for your business and they will soon shy away.

Network Marketing is great in itself because of the power of leverage making it the most outstanding business opportunity. Not to mention the little financial investment you need but certainly hard work and commitment are needed. The power of leverage in network marketing is seen in:

´ TIME ˝ More than doing business by selling, network marketing is building an organization of people. It is not long before you progress with people supporting you and having your own team. This means more achievements, in quantity and quality, fast-tracked. Remember, two heads are better than one.

´ MONEY ˝ Doing your eight to five jobs gives you a linear form of income which is based on the number of hours you work in a day. If you want more then you have to work more. Unlike in networking, you get residual income meaning to have an unlimited income level allowable in years to come.

´ RESOURCES ˝ In the Internet, you do not have to build or re-build the entire business you want to set-up. For your business to get going you just have to follow examples from leaders of organization who are successful. Moreover, you already have the team to back you up dedicated to one goal that is to succeed.

Despite of this innate, positive aspects of Network Marketing, most still fail in this arena. Why? There are lots of errors that most network marketers commit which prevent them to succeed.

´ Unclear explanation of what your business and products are about. You have to realize that Internet surfers have not much time to browse and surf the net or even grasp instantly what the site says or offers. Therefore, commit your website to clarity, user-friendliness and graspable content.

´ Be sure to explain, why do you need their contact details for. How will your would-be clients trust you if you do not even explain to them why are your getting their personal information. Clarify the reasons to them.

´ A warm body and a physical location would establish you more and deeper into the industry. Contact details such as contact person, postal address, phone number and email addresses should be found in the site. They need to feel that a real human body is behind the site.

´ More to prove your companyÝs identity and image, you may include in your site testimonials and statements of satisfied customers. Be sure to put in the contact details of the customer making the statements and if possible photos to be more credible.

´ Provide an easy to understand compensation plan so they get to have the idea of how much they earn or not.

Have all these on your website and you will never go wrong. One thing also that makes a Network Marketing endeavor a failure is that people involved in this never learned the value of time.

How to learn this, here are some valuable time tips:

´ Form a priority list and follow it firmly. Prioritize things you have to do in your online business and do not be a like a super hero doing all things at the same time.

´ Create a working schedule to guide you through. Follow each schedule you committed to always.

´ Develop an organized system of working. Do not procrastinate and organize things immediately even how small they are. This will save you the problem of organizing bulks of work and papers.

´ Do one step at a time in your online business. No one tells you to be in a rush mode. Little things achieved from the very beginning will lead on to much bigger ones. This is setting your goals realistically speaking.

´ Be focused on your goals and work hard to achieve it before doing other things or setting another set of goals.

´ Earn while you learn. Do not wait to learn everything before starting your business. You can learn everything little by little.

Better start learning all these and you are assured of a sweet success.
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