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You are Being Lied to...And It's Costing You a Fortune Online

Mar 14, 2008
Network marketing is tough and challenging especially when getting new leads. This is as the individual can only make more money by finding the right people who will exert the same amount of effort as one did to produce sales.

Some people believe that in order to get leads, one should have to pay a firm to get more clientele. A lot of these can be found in the internet who have served a number of clients offering services for debts, mortgage, surveys, interviews and investments to name a few.

The question then is how much does the person get back for paying a sum of money? The answer to that is very few. This is because even if the firm is able to give a hundred leads, there is not guarantee that the potential customer or recruit will buy the product or service offered by the person.

To be able to succeed in network marketing and still be good in the game, one should have a goal in mind as to how this can still achieved despite the current situation. Just like starting a business or doing an assignment, it pays to do some research.

By identifying the target market, the person can then narrow down the list of possible suspects and start making some calls. Though calling the person on the phone may save time and effort instead of visiting a prospective client, a lot of people find this to be very impersonal and would rather see the product than just imagine what it looks like and what it can do.

This does not mean that doing business transactions over the phone are wrong. It just means that it only has a small success rate compared to doing it with face to face interaction.

There is only so much that can be done when talking on the phone. The person on the other line may be busy doing something else at the same and may not give the right amount of attention to see the benefits of the product being offered. The best thing to do is simply to call up the person and exchange a few words then schedule a time and a place to meet for one to truly sell the idea to the prospective recruit.

If the potential recruit is not interested, it does not end there. The individual can ask that customer for new leads which saves money that one has to shell out to a firm that will give leads. It will also be a good idea to still keep that customerís number so the person can call back and follow up in the future in case the person may want to join in the future.

Some people say 2 heads are better than one. In network marketing, it is easier to do work if it is done within a group. With the list of possible prospects that the person has made, it can be distributed to the sales force for faster action.

Given that one has to accomplish a certain sales quota in a period of time such as a month, that person can make a plan to determine how many people should be contacted on a daily basis. If there are any problems, the group can adjust and still use other people in the list.

When the legwork has been delegated, all the individual has to do is monitor the number of successful sales made and improve on anything where there seems to be problems in to ensure that the person or the group is on the right track.

There is a saying that goes it takes money to be able to make more money. This quote is very true but one should invest it wisely and not just throw it around and hope something good comes out of it. There are many possible ways in improving the individual or the companyís sales performance and surely paying someone to offer leads is not the answer.

Network marketing is an opportunity offered to anyone who wants to make it big. It is up to the person whether to act fast or have other people in the same business take that away by getting to those customers first.
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