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You Can Master Article Marketing In Three Days Or Less!

Mar 14, 2008
By first writing your article. Here's how:

1. Choose an interesting topic. Research and find out what everybody is talking about; in forums, news and discussion boards. Also read other articles so you can evaluate and measure the interests of different individuals. Be certain that the article that you will be writing will deal with a theme or topic that the readers will be eager and thrilled about.

2. Decide on a title. Your articles title will either make or break it. Make sure that it will catch your reader's attention, or else, they will not be inclined to reading the rest of it at all. Consider three to four titles and let your friends choose the best one for your article.

3. Determine the number or amount of words. Mostly, ezines will publish articles that are shorter than in magazines. Articles having five hundred words are generally accepted, although there are some ezines that will require more.

4. Manage your reader. Take note that individuals would like to be advised on "what to do" rather than what they can not, should, can, might or could do. Take a strong and solid stand, giving your audience guidance and direction on where to go.

5. Be precise. When you have important insights to impart, be careful to put them into plain words. You need not go on explaining in lengthy paragraphs. A few "words of wisdom" in clear and short sentences will be much readable, and will prove that you know your stuff.

6. Write at a maximum five key points. Divide the content of your article, to set up a movement. With the use of a step-by-step method and classification, this will help your mind stay systematic and organized.

7. With each key point, assign to it certain number of words by dividing the number of words by the number of key points that you have. For instance, when your article has 5 key points, each only gets one hundred words under it if you are having a five hundred word count. This way, you can handle the article more easily as well as it will be clearer to your readers.

8. Examine your statistics and facts. When your article demonstrates assurance, somebody may want to utilize it in his own promotion or presentation, wherein you can be stated as reference or quoted. Be sure then, to support your reasoning and arguments with substantial evidence.

9. Incorporate examples. Examples can very well drive your point home, making your article more understandable.

10. Don't go round the bush. Never be tempted and carried away going off on curves that do not connect and link up to the main thought. When expanding on your paragraph make sure that it is not too short, not too long, but just contain the right amount of words. When you believe that you should take a certain portion in your write-up, then do it.
8. Edit and proofread. At all times, check and double check your article. Proofread what you have written making sure that all spellings are correct and it is free of typographical errors.

11. Make and fill up your resource box. Provide your contact information like your name, your email address and your web site. Provide it with one to two promotional phrases and headlines, accompanied by links to your web site. For the best outcome and results make sure that the promotional phrases match and correspond with the write-up you have written.

12. Email your article to ezine publishers along with your brief cover letter. You can search for ezine publishers in the internet. As ezine publishers get a lot of emails a day, make sure that along with your email, you put a personalized and concise paragraph to make it stand out from the rest.

Second, make your ezine traffic engine.

Presently, there are hundreds of ezine publishers on the net and almost all are all looking for a good content to distribute and publish.

If you can offer an article with good content, then you can be able provide them with what they require and need, at the same time, in exchange, they will also provide you with what you really need; that is, your exposure.

At the end of each article, there is a resource box that is attached. While your write-up must not be an attempt to endorse your business, your resource box of four to six lines must be a direct and obvious ad for you as well as your business. Here, you are allowed to advertise and announce your products, web site, your services, or any of your affiliate programs.

Enjoy writing!
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