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Choosing your AdSense Ad Formats

Mar 14, 2008
Adsense is very atractive way to make money online and ever step of the designing of your adsense ad is about choices. By testing you will learn what works best on your sites and the first thing you will want to try out is choosing the ad format for text and image based ads. The right format depends on where you want to put the ad on your site

If you want a large ad unit on top of your site or in the page footer than you will most likely go for the leaderboard. The leaderboard is a very popular ad design and adsense places 4 ad units in the leaderboard. The size of a leaderboard is 728 x 90 pixels. The leaderboard design converts well on most sites that use this format in the header

The next banner ad layout is the 468 x 60 pixels ad. This is a typical banner design that can be placed almost everywhere. This ad displays 2 ads one alongside the other. The half banner obviously is half the size of the full banner and it's format is 234 x 60 pixels holding only 1 ad. These are the horizontal banners but adsense also has some vertical designs the first one being the 120 x 240 pixels

For small ads, place the Button ad format on your website. This format is a 125 X 125 square and holds a single AdSense ad. This can be the perfect showcase piece for an ad, especially when formatted with a background color.

If you need ads to be shown on one or either side of your content a skyscraper holding 3 or 4 ads can be the solution. The skyscraper was specificaly designed for this purpose and its format is 120 x 600 pixels. If you would like to have more space for ads choose the 160 x 600 wide sky scraper because this one can hold 5 ads

The Small Rectange is 180 X 150 and holds one AdSense ad very well. The Medium Rectangle format allows three or four ads to be placed inside a 300 X 250 rectangle. The Large Rectangle, perfect for placing four ads inside, is 336 X 280. The Square measures 250 X 250 and holds up to three AdSense ads well.

If you use image-based Adsense ads, you can choose the Leader Board which you will find placed across the top of many websites. It measures 728 X 90. The Banner is a smaller ad that measure 468 X 60. The Sky Scraper and Wide Sky Scraper are also choices for use on the sides of a webpage. Or you can choose the Medium Rectangle format. All of these image ads hold a single image.

There are also various layouts for displaying Link Unit Adsense ads so that they will fit well into your website also. They can be stacked, lined up across the top or bottom and allow just as much variety as the text and image ads.
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