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Do You Have a Network Marketing Millionaire Mindset

Mar 14, 2008
There are probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions, all over the world who have tried their hands on one form of network marketing business or another. But among this number, only a handful persevere and turned out to be a success when it comes to network marketing.

What is the difference between those who fail and those who succeed in network marketing? Are those successful in network marketing more intelligent than those who have failed? Are those successful in network marketing more hardworking? Are they friendlier or perhaps they are better looking. Or maybe those who are successful in network marketing are just plain luckier than those who are not.

Actually the answer is none of the above. So if it is not all of the above, then what does it take to be a success in network marketing? The answer is simple. You need to have the right mindset. Specifically, the network marketing millionaire mindset.

So what is the network marketing millionaire mindset? Simply put, it is a state of mind that makes one a success in network marketing. Our success depends on the way we think. It is this network marketing millionaire mindset that separates the successful network marketers from those that have failed.

The network marketing millionaire mindset is governed by the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is much powerful than your conscious mind. It can either help you fulfill your dream or hold you back from the success you want in business such as network marketing.

When you venture into a network marketing business you must expect that you should be a success and not a failure.

Sadly though, many venture into a business with thoughts of doubt rather than hope and excitement. They face challenges with fear rather than with passion and determination. In short, most people set themselves up to be a failure rather than be a success.

The language that we use is a reflection of the way we think. If we have a negative mindset, the naturally our language will also be negative. So to know whether you have a positive mindset or a negative one you must be aware of the language that you use.

So to acquire a network marketing millionaire mindset you must first be aware of your language. To do this you must watch everything you say or have someone monitor your language.
You should be particularly concerned with negatives statements such as "That is impossible" or "I cannot do that."
Of course there are other less negative but still limiting words such as could, should, will try, etc. These words and phrases are limiting because they express doubts and uncertainty.

Have you ever heard a negative person speak? He or she is someone with whom you will nothing but complaints and sorrows. It is quite annoying isn't it? If negative speak holds such tremendous power over other persons just imagine the power it has to the speaker.

The nest thing to do after being aware of your language is to stop saying negative or limiting words, phrases and sentences and start uttering positive ones. Instead of saying "I cannot do that" say "I can do that." Instead of "That's impossible" say "That's possible." I instead of saying "I will try" say, "I will."

You will immediately reap the benefit of this practice since you will spare yourself from hearing nasty words. But of course the greatest advantage of this is that it will eventually change your mindset. Don't take the power of your own voice for granted. It holds great power in changing the way you think. After replacing your language, you will notice that your negative thoughts will also be replaced by positive ones automatically. That is where the real magic of changing your mindset will begin.

But if you really are bent in changing your mindset not only to be successful in network in marketing but in life in general then it is highly advisable that you read books on positive thinking or better yet take a positive thinking course. These courses may cost quite a sum of money but it is definitely a good investment since it will definitely benefit you in lot of ways.
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