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How to Add 1,347 Subscribers to Your Ezine Every Month

Mar 14, 2008
So you've decided to publish your own ezine. Problem is that you have very few subscribers. Now you're feeling sad, and depressed because the work that you've labored so hard for feels like it is going to waste.

Some of the most important ezines that are published monthly are the ones that are business related. This is where online businesses publish information about their products, or details about the service that their businesses are offering. This is why it is vital for these types of ezines to have a regular stream of subscribers. This is one of the methods online marketers use to advertise and promote their commerce.

One of the ways you can add subscribers to your ezine is to keep your content riveting. This will help you to hang on to your regular subscribers that you already have and get new ones if your content is really that good!

Many ezines experience a drop in subscribers because of poor content. If you keep your material refreshing, new subscribers will have a reason to stay on your list. You may even experience an increase in subscribers through word of mouth.

Pay close attention to your writing. Make sure the material that goes out into your ezine is of top quality. Nobody wants to read writing that is full of misspelled words and typos.

Load your ezine with useful and insightful information that the readers will benefit from.

Last but not least: proofread you material many times before you release the final copy.

On second thought, if your writing is really that bad, you might want to stay clear of the keyboard. You can always get somebody else to write for you. There are numerous freelance writers on the internet whose services you can avail of.

Once your ezine is good to go, you can then submit it to the various ezine listings in the net. Be sure to write a short description of your ezine. This way surfers will have an idea of what type of ezine you are offering. This is where you should put your creativity and imagination to good use. Make an effort to write a description that will peak the readers interest.

Include you name, email or contact number in your ezine. This is imperative, especially if you are running a business related ezine. Also, make sure that you include information on how to subscribe where readers will find it!

Better yet, include it in all of the pages of your ezine. It may seem tacky, but you need as many reminders to the readers to subscribe to your ezine as you can get away with!

Better include information on how to unsubscribe as well. Some readers become reluctant to sign into anything if they know that they don't have the option of unsubscribing afterwards.

Entice subscriber with freebies! This will add an extra incentive for individuals to subscribe to your ezine.

Another thing that will guarantee to bring in new subscribers to your ezine is if you exchange ads with other individuals who publish ezines. Exchange with as many as you can. This way, you multiply your chances of getting new subscribers.

The great thing about this is that subscribers of ezines already know what they are in for. It would be so much easier to bring in individuals who are already familiar with the concept of ezines. Rather than try to recruit casual surfers whose interest might just be browsing through the net.

By this time, you already should've had your ezine promoted in various places, but if you still haven't, well don't sweat it! You can start doing this by getting your ezine registered in directories. This way when a person does an online search on all the various ezines directories out there, your ezine will be included in the list.

Another place you can advertise your ezine is on the classified adds. If this is not enough exposure for you, then go on ahead and have your ezine listed on the good old, reliable, search engine.

Now going through all of this procedure takes a little bit of time. Given that you'd be required to fill up some forms. You also need to read up on some terms and agreements. If you really want your ezine to be successful this is what you have to do.

In the end it will all be worth it, once your list of subscribers start rising up. What's more you're going to love yourself for putting in all the hard work and not giving up. Once this happens the taste of sweet victory will finally be yours.
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