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How to Easily Generate a $15K a month Advertising Budget for Your MLM

Mar 14, 2008
Below are the seven most guaranteed methods on making a successful online sale to get the budget for advertising in the network marketing field:

1. Online visitors can become customers if they are encouraged to do an impulse buying.
2. For these customer to add the site to their favorites, provide adequate information that are very useful for prospective buyers. If they see that the site has all the information they needed, they would definitely come back.
3. Offer an online-only purchases. Some prospective buyers use the Internet to get enough information about a certain product they wish to purchase in shops. That is why it will be very beneficial for them if the site itself can offer customers to buy the product online.
4. Product information should come with colorful and as much as possible pictures with captions to support the product.
5. Online registrations should be as easy as 1-2-3. Never make a form that would bore prospective buyers.
6. Build and gain trust. Provide a privacy and security terms of service with full disclosure in order for customers feel safe when making online purchases. Privacy statements are one of the first information online customers look for before providing their payment method.
7. Have a mailing list. Getting all the email addresses of customers together with their contact information can be a good ground in getting hold of them whenever there are new product features and upsells. The increase in sales will be surely be noticeable with the said technique. It's not new to anyone but it's definitely effective.

There are more ways than one in order to get the monthly required budget needed to finance advertising. Here are some of the most effective ways in order to get the money needed.

1. When customer buys one product, insert another pamphlet or brochure of another product inside. This can provide them another idea on what to buy next time through the network marketing company.
2. Offer the basic products first. Then talk them out into purchasing the special edition of the same product by just adding a few dollars in the purchase.
3. Provide free e-zine subscription with other products being offered for every issue.
4. Ask for just a low fee for reproduction rights.
5. Send cards and other greeting paraphernalia during holidays with an insertion of other product features.
6. MLM should give discounts to customers who would like to buy in wholesale.
7. The acknowledgement page should also be inserted with a new product offer.
8. Offer customers big, big discounts if they opt to subscribe to a product for a longer time.
9. Aside from the greeting and holiday cards, network marketers should send also free surprise gifts which includes a brochure of a new product feature.
10. Free give away products or discounts if customers reach a certain amount of number of purchase of any product.
11. A network marketer should always remember to provide a back end product offer to be inserted inside the information guide of the product just sold.
12. Offer package deals with discounts.
13. An online club can be a good feature wherein customers could get discounts and other back end offer after making a purchase.
14. After selling a certain product or feature, make a follow up with those customers to check if they were satisfied then offer a new product.
15. Have a future product list with prospective clients to sign up.
16. Provide special offers like, free batteries, gift wrapping, etc.

But what others do not know is that making a follow up is also the best means of making that sale. Based from the survey made by the National Sales Executive Association, sales are made only after five to twelve contacts.

3 per cent of sales are made on the first contact
4 per cent of sales are made on the second contact
5 per cent of sales are made on the third contact
12 per cent of sales are made on the fourth contact
85 per cent of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact

Summary of the rules in making that advertising budget for the MLM are:

Do that five to twelve times of contacting the customer to get the eighty-five per cent of assured sales.
Use the wonder of technology to do the follow up in network marketing.
Network marketing starts with making friends by calling prospective customers on the phone.
Always make sure to have a customer focused, client's benefit centered approach when dealing with the customer. They will feel very important and can't help but say yes.
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