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How to Easily Unlock Your Leadership Genius

Mar 14, 2008
In psychology, a famous doctor said the mind is like an iceberg with only a tip visible above the water and the larger part is submerged. Studies show that humans only use 10% of the brain in doing the various tasks everyday. The other 90% is just kept in storage.

Can one imagine what would happen if people had the ability to tap the unused resources? That person can do miracles and itÝs not only about getting rich.

People who are leaders in the respective industries thrive because of attitude. If a person strongly believes that one will succeed, it will happen. If the person feels negative even if given an opportunity to shine, it will end in failure.

So how does one go about unlocking this potential inside? The answer is simple and that is to first have confidence.

Everyone has the potential to succeed in life. By taking charge and responsible for all the actions one does instead of blaming others for things that didnÝt happen, the person understands that the ball is in the individualÝs hand and it is the choice of the individual what will be the outcome in life.

The next thing a person needs to do is to be open in learning new things. People who have succeeded in life always have a role model to look up to. In a way, it is having a mentor who taught, inspired and checked on the person to succeed.

In the corporate world, one can enhance this thirst for knowledge by participating in seminars and trainings given by consultancy firms and pursuing a masterÝs degree where lessons are done based on case studies and experiences which are shared among students.

The entire time, one must enjoy and love what the person is doing at work. Any person who stays a year or more in any job continues to do so not because of the money but because that person is having fun. It is hard to do anything if one does not have the heart or passion for it.

In team sports, the group has a common goal. This is shared among family and friends who also show support. If the person has a specific goal in mind, one can share it so others can help out a long the way which may make it easier for the person to succeed.

When there is an opportunity at work to show ones potential, the individual should seize the moment. This will make other people see the ideas one has and if these are good, one will be encouraged to do more.

Geniuses are born and not made. This is the reason why everyone has the potential of becoming one. All it takes is for that person to unlock it then showing it to the world.

On the part of the individual, the brain needs exercise to keep it sharp. This can be done by reading books, solving puzzles and other brain teasers. It takes time for one to excel in any endeavor. By starting out small then applying the lessons learned from experience and other people, a person can do wonders.

Inventors create new things because these people see a need. By overcoming these and not losing track of the goal, one will eventually succeed. It took the Wright brothers more than 4 years before the airplane flew into the air. If people gave up after the first failure, the world would not have airliners today making it easier for everyone to travel.

Sometimes, the answers to questions are not available in an instruction manual. This will need a little ingenuity on the part of the person. The individual must rely on gut feel or instinct which is the little voice in oneÝs head that sometimes tells the person to do something. This is the similar to people who survived a plane crash and will do whatever it takes to make it out alive and be rescued.

There are many ways in solving a problem with many possible answers but there is only one answer that will bring out the best result. With that, one should sometimes think out of the box in getting the job done.
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