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The Psychology of Network Marketing Success

Mar 14, 2008
Network marketing: either you love it or you hate it. But the fact that network marketing has great potentials in generating income for those who knows its psychology of success, most people find network marketing as the most workable way of earning more income.

Basically, network marketing refers to a ìmarketing modelî that focuses more on the interrelation of different people working towards a common goal. It deviates from the typical form of the other marketing structures where the relationship of the seller and the buyer is purely dyadic.

In turn, it creates a network of buyers and sellers that work all together, helping each other form a set of contacts that grows and expands as the time goes by.

However, network marketing is not all based on contacts and creating downlines. Itís more than recruiting other people to join a particular sales team. Itís that one thing that most people do not realize in network marketing; hence, they have the tendency to fail.

The problem with most people is that they view network marketing as a form of ìget rich quickî scheme. This kind of thinking creates a mindset wherein people are enticed to join the program, then, after several weeks or even days of ìwork,î their interest wanes down and eventually fades.

What happens next is a series of missed appointments with their clients, they do not participate in trainings and seminars, and they lack the interest to increase their sales and downlines.

In the end, these people will finally decide to quit network marketing. They curse and blame network marketing for being a fraud or a scam. Probably, this is where the rumor connecting the concept of network marketing into scams and pyramid schemes were generated.

This is what psychology of network marketing success is all about. The problem with most people who join network marketing is that they are not aware what drives them to succeed. They only know what motivated them, which is, in fact, not the right reason after all.

The psychology of network marketing is basically dependent on the factors that compel the people to strive harder, work harder, and earn all the benefits that they want to obtain. Itís where they get the energy to overcome all the objections that come their way.

If all of these things are not present in a network marketer, chances are, they will not succeed in this kind of business.

The main point here is that before a person joins network marketing, he or she must be properly educated regarding the business, its nature, and its basic concept. It is important that they are oriented to the basic principle that governs network marketing.

Itís on how the mindset of every network marketer are formed and established that the psychology of network marketing success can be greatly understood and implemented.

So, the question now lies on the fact that if network marketing is more than just building network and sales, then what is the secondary proponent in order to achieve success.

This is where the objections sink in. The problem is that most network marketers are afraid of handling objections. In fact, most of the marketers are easily discouraged whenever they experience or encounter objections.

With this, they tend to regard objections as something that is extremely negative, something that blocks their way to success. Hence, they consider objections as an enemy, one that compels them to quit and forget earning more money through network marketing.

What they do not know is that objections are considered as the important tool in network marketing. They do not know that it is the main concept that drives every network marketer to success.

Every successful marketer has surpassed the stage wherein they are bombarded with objections. Once they have made it through, they know that they have already achieved success.

In reality, objections are important in network marketing because it tells you where youíre at. Without objections, you will never know if the person you are talking to is interested or not. Without objections, you will never know where to push harder in order to close the sale.

For instance, one of the most common objections is the ìno moneyî response. Form there, you will know that you have to make him understand how he can earn money if he will join your program. Make him realize that because he does not have money, with network marketing, he can have lots of those.

Therefore, with this kind of strategy in handling objection, you will be able to convince him what benefits he can derive from the program.

If you will just analyze it, objections work as a mechanism that instigates a positive response in return. Hence, you can safely say that without objections, you can never reap success.

The bottom line here is that the psychology of network marketing success is based on the fact that people should have the passion, the drive, and the medium in order to keep up with lifeís challenges. Itís the main concept of what compels people to succeed.
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