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The Secret to Never-Ending Traffic Revealed

Mar 14, 2008
So you've built a website that would make your mama proud: informative, stylish, innovate, and insightful. You spent all your spare time into this venture, because deep down in your heart you know that you have a message that needs to be delivered. Mankind will benefit from it!

The problem is that nobody ever comes to see the wonder that you've created. It's kind of like organizing a great party with balloons, great food and giveaways, only to be shunned and treated like you're a living, walking, plague carrier.

So what to do to make this nightmare go away? Can something still be done? Can one recover from this potential life long devastation?

The answer is yes. There are ways to fix this problem. There are secret methods that can be used to gather the herd and bring them into the fold.

Here are some tricks of the trade:

1. Spread the word. Join message boards and online forums so you can leave your mark. These days message boards and online forums are extremely popular. It wouldn't hurt to leave your website url. There are a lot of curious folks out there who love website hopping. So make sure that one of the websites they hop to is yours by making people aware that you are out there.

2. Link your website with another site that has a high ranking traffic rate, but you have to make sure that their content is similar to yours. If your website is about fashion, it would not make sense to be linked with a website that offers information about cat litter boxes! In real life we choose our friends, in cyberspace it would not hurt to do the same thing.

3. If you have a paying website, create a section that offers some free content. This way, the readers will get a sample of what you have to offer. Look at it this way, if your content is that good, nobody will be able to resist.

4. List your website to a search engine. People love using search engines. It's the faster and quickest way to find what you're looking for.

5. Keep your website updated! There are a lot of software nowadays that keep track of the websites that are constantly being updated. Don't get left behind, keep up with the tide by constantly improving the content of your website. Even if it's just a minor alteration that the human eye can't detect, chances are the machines will! So keep those update hunter software happy by feeding them what they want: little chunks of new meat.

6. You have to spend some money to earn some money. If you're doing business online and need to generate some traffic that you can then turn to cash you might want to think about participating in an affiliate program. Basically what this means, is that for a small sum off money, you would hire some people who own websites to advertise your online business on their sites.

7. Great content brings in traffic. If you have an awesome website people will keep on coming back and become a part of your permanent stream of traffic. If it is spectacular, your greatness might even spread through word of mouth!

8. Become a blogger wannabe. Don't underestimate the benefits of blogging. It's not just a place where you can share your tears of joy and happiness, and write stories about your disappointments and defeats. Blogging is the latest craze that's sweeping the cyberspace nation. Advertising your online business on your blog can help bring it quality traffic to your website. Nowadays, blogs can be used for marketing and advertising.

9. Make use of pay per click engines. Certain keywords can help keep you be on top of certain search engine lists. Choosing the right keywords will help bring in traffic into your website. Make sure that the amount you are paying for these keywords is being matched by the investments that the traffic visitors bring into your website. The secret is to achieve a proper balance.

10. Do your homework! Find out how website owners become successful when it comes to bringing in traffic to their websites. You can do this by doing research on the internet. You can also talk to internet marketers about the various techniques they apply in generating traffic. The secret is to be aware of all the possibilities that you can turn into an opportunity to create traffic for your website.

With all of these tips under your disposal, there's no telling the amount of greatness your website can achieve. Pretty soon you'd have so much traffic in you website that you yourself would be amazed at the number of hits that you're getting!
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