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Succeeding With Network Marketing

Mar 14, 2008
When network marketing is discussed, one immediate image that may come to mind is that of a salesperson enumerating several reasons why a certain product or service would easily sell. Some go to the extent of attempting to convince an individual or two to join the network, which is touted as having the potential to help one become a millionaire.

The images above do not reflect the fact that network marketing - or direct sales or multilevel marketing - is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a hobby.

Network marketing is an opportunity that could help one generate earnings on a full- or part-time basis. The key goal of all network marketers is maximizing consumption of a product or service and promoting a successful business for their downlines.

Succeeding in the industry requires observation of the following guidelines:

An individual should look at a network marketing company's stability before making a decision to join. The company should also offer a product or service that answers a market demand or need.

A crucial aspect is the company's pay plan, particularly the fairness and method of distribution. This means determining the percentage of sales that goes back to distributors on a monthly basis. This also means determining if distribution between new and old members is equitable or fair.

As in any business, integrity is a must. One should try to establish the background of the chief executive, management and that of the network marketing company. The company's reputation among its rivals would also offer a good gauge of how it has been performing in the industry.

A potential network marketer must also consider the company's current status and its direction. Timing and momentum are crucial: one needs to ensure that he will be joining a company on the rise and not on a downward spiral.

It is not enough that a company offers excellent management, a generous and fair plan, in-demand products and continuing growth potential. The business still has to have the right training and systems support, as the absence of this set-up would negate all the positive factors mentioned.

Since network marketing veterans would gain from the success of their downline, it is in their interest to make sure that their efforts and the system is learned by the company's newest members so that success is duplicated. For the recruit, this means practicing what their mentors preach.

The higher-ups or upline should be supportive, making calls and updates, organizing a plan for their downline and exhibiting concern with the success of new members. The company's new members should not be "orphaned" - or join the network and left on their own without the needed training and teaching to succeed.

Ideally, the upline should guide recruits over their first 30 days to make them very familiar with the system, or longer if necessary, until they gain confidence in working on their own.

Maximizing use of the internet is a crucial tool for network marketing. This is particularly true for capturing and follow-up of leads. Companies should be careful to ensure that no one in the network uses the online tool to spam - US regulations are now tight on the unwanted practice and are also keeping an eye out for pyramid schemes.

Similar to a storefront, franchise, or any other business, network marketing requires accounting or financial and legal support. Write-offs and tax payments are required of any business, and having an accounting team in place will facilitate processing of a company's books.

A legal team, specially a group well-versed in network marketing, is also needed to ensure that the company complies with all laws affecting the business.

Underlying all these efforts is organization. This is important especially for network marketing distributors just starting out on the business.

In terms of prospecting, there is a need to set a definite number of prospects on a daily basis. This would form a pool of individuals out of which a target number of people can be selected.

This will also serve as a prelude to sorting, or determining out of the target individuals those who may be inclined to becoming a customer. The sorting process establishes the prospects most likely to buy the product or service.

These prospects are then provided with samples, video or audio demonstrations and related material to help them evaluate the offer at hand. When the search is narrowed after sorting and the materials are given, follow-up discussions are needed in a bid to help close the process.

Following these guidelines gives a network marketer a specific course of action that is likely to help the network become a successful one.
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