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What to Do to Get True Network Marketing Success

Mar 14, 2008
If you've gone into network marketing, you must have gotten into it because you wanted to get rich, or make a lot of money. Maybe when you hear the words Network Marketing, you imagine women gossiping over sandwiches while selling Tupperware or an overly active salesperson trying to persuade you to get into it and become a millionaire.

The whole truth is, network marketing isnít a hobby nor a way to get yourself filthy rich. Network marketing is a business that you evolve in as a person and an opportunity to earn money, not in the bundles, but maybe enough with a little to spare.

The mania attached to network marketing is the main stereotype that it is a get rich fast business where all youíll need is Friends and guts. Well its not that easy, sometimes, Network Marketing has gotten a bad rap for not being a successful income generator and sometimes it has been used for different scams and cons.

If you get swayed by these overly positive and overly negative thoughts, you wonít achieve the success you want. Its either youíll expect too much or expect too little. To be a successful network marketer, youíll have to study the basics. Here are seven tips which might help you achieve success.

I. Choose your Company with utmost Care
Scams are afoot, and you donít know exactly which network marketing deal is true or which one is simply a con. Choose the company wisely, make sure it has a good background. Look for six things in an opportunity, Stability, Products, Pay plan, Integrity, timing and support.

Choose a company that has been stable for a time, often people choose starting companies to be the first and therefore the ones who earn most. This isnít always effective, sometimes starting companies may be a little wobbly.

After all Network marketing is not only getting other people into the business, it is also selling products. Youíd want products that you can sell for additional income in case your downlines get inactive.
Pay Plan

How even is the distribution? Is it fair to all those involved, how fair is the distribution of the profits between old and new members?

As earlier said, company integrity is very crucial, youíll want to know whose handling the money that you invested in this venture. Get to know the CEO, his or her experience in this matter, background and other companies that they manage.

Look if the company is on the upward climb or the downhill slide. Lets face it companies like these come and go, and you want to get on the boat when its speeding up, not when itís slowing down.

Youíll want a company that supports its new members. Look at their training system, some companies include a set of training seminars that can help the marketer with her business.

II. Do What they teach you

Mentors and trainers are there to guide you, they are the ones experienced in those fields, so unless youíre a trainer yourself, never try one of those oddball schemes that might get you into trouble. Youíll have to start somewhere before you get to experimenting, and what better way to start than with a few well tested techniques?

III. Get supportive Uplines

The Uplines that you have should be easily talked to, ones you could run to when you encounter problems.

IV. be supportive to your downline
Remember what your downlines do affect your income as well. So be supportive, donít leave them orphaned. Spend at least a month with your downline before you leave him/her on her own. Its just like taking care of a baby, support him in his early years and then you can share the benefits when he grows up

V. Use the net
The internet is a big place and a place of opportunity. Technology has its advantages, auto responders, newsletters etc, can help you interact with your prospective downlines. Advertise on the net; use autoresponders and email so your prospects donít feel ignored. Just donít spam.

VI Account for all expenses and profits
This is a business and it needs accounting, make sure your not spending more than you earn, labor is an expense and donít take it too lightly, calling people, dinners, should all be accounted for. Again, networking is a business not a hobby.

VII. Don't assume that Networking is Full time, not yet
Unless you're sure about your income, itís not wise to quit your full time job yet. Aside from the fact that it is a good source of downlines, it can also act as a safety net, just in case your networking gig doesn't quite work for you.
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