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What Rich Network Marketers Will Never Tell You

Mar 14, 2008
Affiliate networking also called network marketing has been around for some time and was once a ěhot spotî in the field of business enterprising.

While a lot of hot companies today, that operates under the multi-level marketing industry such as Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Equinox, Excel Communications, etc., there are also a lot that were branded sleazy which therefore blemished the reputation of such industry.

What Exactly is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is an industry that works on a direct marketing type with a touch of franchising. The two terms are included in a way network marketing works.

An individual distributor earns his or her salary or payment through his personal sales, his or her number of referrals and the sales made by these referred agents.

Currently, hundreds of legitimate Multi-Level Network Marketing industries of today operates on more than 50 countries of the continental US and in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Whatís the Catch with Network Marketing?

Todayís businesses that work on this kind of business setting are risking their way to loosing their money should you be unaware of the process by which the business actually runs itself in the world of entrepreneurship.

This kind of marketing was originally created to make a rather novelty to reach consumers who normally are not reached by the product on a specific place of the country.

Individual distributors are more often the agents who will pick up the items from a designated warehouse, take the orders, and sent to the end consumer.

Through the course of time, an authorized agent was also tasked to recruiting clients that are potential to buying the initial product package for a specific price for the purpose of selling it to other consumers as well in a much higher price.

In a case lost by FTC against Amway paved the way for the creation of companies that function under the same principle. The current practices of todayís multi-level support system in marketing are what deter people from engaging in such sleazy business due to the bad reputation it had created in the past.

The selling of instructional videos, initial purchase of the companyís product samples, obsessive recruitment and unpaid commissions and reduced stockings due to corrupt management systems are what led many MLM companies to resign and began to deteriorate.

In this instance, people who engaged and invested much money for the business suffers overwhelming financial losses while people on the lower part of the business pyramid are less able to cope up with the changes and in turn experiences considerable monetary problems.

The current network marketing scheme focuses more on the recruitment rather than the improvement of the product itself, while some companies are more than the exact opposite of what this business line currently suggest, considerable number still exist that do not take business seriously and are founded on shady management principles.

Network Marketing Should be No-No

In a modern economy like the US, multi-level marketing industry has perceived to be of useless business scheme. The amount of shipping flexibility and the ability to advertise the product with less human Intervention are hallmarks of today business province.

The launch of viral marketing, the use of computer ěvirusî or healthy spywares that tends to lurk on every computer to enhance the effectiveness of the propagation of ad banners makes advertising easy. Viral marketing takes its name to a computer virus for it operates on a much similar manner.

The virus that which builds the foundation of this marketing scene works like controlling the traffic to where consumers go should they visit websites or use search engines looking for a specific subject lines.

Banner ads will simply show up and link you up to a host of related and slightly unrelated services and there the product is advertised with less or apparently no fees.

Big time affiliate marketers would often sell products that are usually professed as marketed at a reasonable price but are overcharged.

Companies that do not have a well-defined product quotas and quality enhancements are buying on prospective sellers who will buy into the program of marketing the same products they are tasked on selling once they are already involved in the business.

Illegitimate MLM companies do not lay out clear rules on commission rates and how the system of downline profiteering and as a result each members of the MLM organization lacks common understanding on the earnings that should be received once the money dedicated for such cause comes.
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