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Two Methods To Help You Become A Traffic Kahuna

Mar 14, 2008
Search engine optimization is a skill many webmasters misunderstand yet, getting it wrong can cost you big time.

You build a website with all the fancy "bells and whistles" and you wait for people to visit it. It's a scenario which is all too common in today's online environment and one which webmasters, particularly inexperienced ones do over and over again.

So what's wrong with this scenario? Well, you've done the hard part right, you've put together a website and now it's time to show it off to the world. The truth is, building a website is really only 20% of the equation.

The Secret To Generating A Flood Of Traffic

The rest is about marketing and promotion and this is the area many webmasters fail to understand. In fact, most new people coming online get hung up on the technical skills of building an internet marketing business.

Yes, it's good to have some technical knowledge and this was even more pertinent in the early days of the internet but reality is, today, it should be the least of your concerns.


Because the art of putting together a website is actually easy. That's thanks largely in part to the many different versions of software which are available on the market today both paid and free. In fact, most of the software available today is virtually point and click stuff and the only skill required to use them is to be able to follow a set of instructions.

There is almost no need to learn html or any other website code language as people search for shortcuts to getting a website online.

Marketing Is The Key To Online Success

Let's say you visit a traffic kahuna (kahuna being the Hawaiian term for medicine man) and ask him to look at your online business. You've got a website but no visitors.

Any traffic medicine man will tell you that marketing is the answer to getting visitors to your site. Without promotion in place, a webmaster may as well pull his beloved site down and take up fishing.

Your traffic medicine man makes three suggestions:

- get links to your site
- promote it with articles
- start a Web 2.0 campaign

Getting links to your site is vital in getting traction in the search engines. It's the lifeblood of any successful traffic campaign. But how do you get links? Well, articles and Web 2.0 promotion are a great starting point.

Yes there are more ways of marketing a website but if you're completely new, then articles and web 2.0 promotions are an excellent starting point.
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