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No Need to Fear Toll Free Numbers

Mar 14, 2008
A toll-free number is a number that begins with one of the following three-digits within the United States and Canada. These prefix digits are 800, 888, 877, and 866. This number allows a caller to reach a someone (business/home) without incurring a calling charge to the calling party. This is not always the case however when it comes to cell phones. While the call may be free, the caller's cell phone minutes may create extra cell phone minute charges, but for the most part it is a free call from a land line or pay phone for the calling party.

The charge for a toll-free call is paid for by the called person who is subscribed to the number. These charges usually are per minute and vary by origin of call and length of conversation time over the phone line.

What are The Benefits of a Toll Free Number?

The benefits of a business having a toll free number are undisputed in the business world. Allowing customers and potential buyers a convenient and free way to contact a business has proven to be quite profitable for sales and customer satisfaction.

Another attractive trait of these numbers are their inexpensiveness and low cost per minute rates due to increased competition. Lower rates make it a very affordable option for businesses who want to acquire more customers or keep their current customers satisfied with free dial in customer service.

While the uses for toll free numbers have always been a popular business utility more savvy households are taking advantage of the benefits of this type of number. Due to the inexpensiveness of toll free numbers households can afford to have a number for relatives and children away from home to call for free eliminating cost prohibitive communications with their loved ones.

Toll free numbers eliminate the need for expensive collect calls from pay-phones during emergencies, costly calling card surcharges, and unruly cell phone minute limitations.

Obtaining a toll free number works on the basis of first come first serve. This has created a whole new industry in itself. Many entrepreneurial people and businesses have found a way to capitalize on what is called vanity numbers. By purchasing a vanity toll free number and holding it, people have found they can resell these numbers to either the highest bidder or at a set price that is profitable to the original purchaser.

What are Vanity Numbers?

Vanity toll free numbers happen to spell phrases, words, and abbreviations through the dial keys of phones via the alphabet. You may have seen some popular vanity numbers on commercials on your television set. Vanity numbers help businesses increase their brand awareness or better allow the memorization of a number to call in to buy a product.

Toll free numbers have been around for years, but now these numbers are more accessible and affordable than ever before making it a great time for literally anyone to get one. It isn't hard to obtain a a number and it can easily be done over the Internet from a computer.

Many toll free services now offer what is stand-alone services which mean your 800, 888, 866, or 877 number forwards directly to your current phone number making it easier and even less complicated to purchase.
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