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Crucial Mistakes People Make When Starting A Work At Home Internet Business

Mar 14, 2008
Since the invention of the Internet the home business industry has absolutely exploded. Now more than ever anyone can start making money using nothing more than a computer, telephone, and internet connection.

But is that really all it takes to start making a fortune online? According to the large number of people who fail everyday I would say the answer is no. There are two things you are going to need to be successful when you attempt to make money online. The first one is a great home business opportunity. The second one is having the smarts, self discipline, and game plan to create profits with your new home business.

Over the next few minutes I'm going to cover 4 of the top mistakes striving work at home internet business owners make when they finally find that right opportunity and turn on the open sign.

Mistake #1 - Trying to understand everything

If you are new in your business and decide to sit down for days trying out the product, reading all the company brochures, understanding every single calculation about the compensation plan, memorizing all the names of the management in the company you are simply delaying the actual getting started process... Obviously this is a very slow way to get started.

Think of your work at home internet business like riding a bike:

#1 - You don't learn to ride by reading the best manual on riding.
#2 - You don't learn until the moment you start peddling.
#3 - You learn by falling down.
#4 - You also learn how not to fall down after falling down the first time.

The best way to get off to a fast start with your business is to get started right away and not be afraid to make mistakes. You will learn from those mistakes and your business will benefit for you doing so.

Mistake #2 - Reading every single book in the industry

Many home businesses will offer a recommended reading list that can be helpful to new business owners. Reading is a very good habit to develop, but one of the major mistakes newbies make is thinking that the more books they read, the more money they are going to make! This is not true and while the books are great motivators they can't put money back in your pocket.

Most new internet business owners spend too much time reading books for a number of reasons:

#1 - Overwhelmed by ignorance - Trying to understand everything before taking action.

#2 - Overwhelmed by fear - It's easier to read up on stuff than actually get to work.

#3 - Overwhelmed by frustration - They assume that after reading their first book, if they don't achieve enough success, they get disheartened and feel the need for self-help more! They try another book. If they fail again, they will blame themselves again. Always remember: Books are subjective. It may work for the author but differently for another.

Mistake #3 - Attempting your new home business alone during the first 30 days

The home business industry doesn't care of if you are a CEO, entrepreneur, manager, housewife, college kid or a beggar. If you are new to the business you start from ZERO.

If you think you can earn a six figure income in 2 to 5 years time without following a system then you are grasping at thin air. There are people in traditional business who do make it within a few years but everybody learns from somebody and having a home business is no exception.

Here is an example.

There is this one guy who is an experienced businessman. He started in network marketing type internet business and wanted to do it his own way. He rented an office, hired a few staff, created a sales team and sent them out after spending a few hundred thousand dollars on capital alone. After 3 months, his business had nothing to show.

What happened? One of the main reasons of his failure was the fact that the type of business he started is not designed to run this way. His staff or sales team will not be able to duplicate the process.

No matter what type of internet business you start make sure there are mentors to guide you and they don't cost you any money to ask for help. Use these resources much like a sick man would go to a doctor instead of an architect.

Mistake #$ - Quitting your day job

While quitting your job is a great goal to shoot for I don't suggest burning that bridge until your new work at home internet business has at least replaced your current income. Although it's a good thing to be determined to succeed, it's not smart to put yourself and your family at risk with a business venture that isn't bringing in checks yet. Even if you speculate the checks will be coming soon, keep that job until they actually do.

In closing, these are four of the most common mistakes budding home business owners make when they try to make money online. Remember having a solid work at home opportunity is only part of the equation. What really makes the difference between success and failure is your dedication to do the right things and avoid the wrong ones.
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Josh Bradley is the CEO of the Big Cash Creator LLC, the home business marketing company. Find out how you can make a fortune online with the #1 work at home internet business at: www.WorkatHome-InternetBusiness.net
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